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Purple Amish…

A quick shot with yesterday’s Beautiful Bride Jackie, in front of this great barn that we shot around up in Hammondsport, NY. Their main Wedding colors were Grey & Purple, so it was the perfect time for sporting my Grey Hair, Grey Suit w/Purple Amish duds….Braces & Purple Converse Hi-Top Chucks. Colored Chucks ARE in the Amish wardrobe, Right?



Well, I’ve finally broken down & done it! I don’t do this cheesy stuff that seems to be the latest rage these days with Wedding images, But my Groom Steve pretty much begged me to do this one for them! And I gotta say, they all did a really great job on the “Godzilla Run”. So I said… John Candy In STRIPES….. “OK, I’ll Do It!!!”

So we’re up at Sullivan’s Monument / Newtown Battlefield State Park in Elmira, NY……and after most of our “REAL” shots were done, the gang let loose and did the Godzilla Run right past & below the monument. I thought that would look cool and give me the look I’d be going for here. So I picked out the running shot I liked the best….then surfed around to see what was out there for some killer Godzilla shots. Immediately I loved this one because it was pretty large, and also I loved the Purple color (who would have guessed, right?) and all the fire in his mouth. As I started creating this masterpiece, and merged the two images together, I even amazed myself. When I selected the Godzilla shot, I didn’t even realize how perfectly his front arm/claw was positioned & how it would form right around the monument spire!  But it really came together fantastic, as did all the rest of the Photoshop blending, cloning & merging ….and here we are! So I guess I found out that sometimes, I can even impress myself, without even knowing I am doing so! lol
Stevie & Kaitlyn….this one is for you!!! Great Job Kids!

And finally, I’ve gotta say….I’ve seen a lot of these shots, but this one is the Damn Best BY FAR! Color, Creativity, The Runners & the Site Location provide the Perfect Intersection of Fantasy & Reality!

ADAMS-2661 finalframed


“Bowl Much?”

Isn’t it funny how things just seem to happen for a reason? I had this past Saturday off without a Wedding Shoot, and that’s not too common an occurrence during the middle of July. But as fate would have it that worked out for the best, as last week an old Fire Department Buddy of mine passed away after a long illness. Thomas Lynch was his name……Tommy to his friends….he owned and ran Hibbard’s Hardware in Hanover Square when we were all growing up. So it was the middle of the week when my good friend HFD Chief Artie Sullivan asked if I was available on Saturday, and if I could shoot Tommy’s Funeral services, that would be held at the Station right across the street from my Studio…and as luck would have it I could.

Tommy  was 74 years old, and a Volunteer for 51 years with our Horseheads Fire Department, and back in the ’70′s when I was also a HFD member, I got to share some fun times with Tommy on the Softball Field and also in the local  Bowling Alleys. He and I, we both bowled a lot and we prided ourselves on being(or at least thinking) that we were pretty good……. so that being said we always joked around with each other….whenever one of us was really sucking up the alleys by having a bad night, missed an easy shot, left a split, or especially if we sucked while out of town at a Fire Department Tournament, we always had  something special to yell at each other, right at that moment when we were so pissed that we either blew an easy shot, or just threw a terrible ball….we’d always yell….”BOWL MUCH?”  , and then bust out laughing! Tommy was the first of my teammates on our old softball team to pass away.
Rest In Peace my friend….and every time I’ll hear the thunder from now on, I’ll think of you and quietly mouth the words while asking that time tested question …..“Bowl Much?”


14 Jump Street!!!!


Newtown Nupitals

So, when the Brides Sailor Brother turns Minister for the day and Officiates the Ceremony….here’s what you get!



This Guy……………………. Bringin’ ‘Merica….& a Beer!

So, there we were at yesterday’s  great Wedding of Rita & Seth at the beautiful Belhurst Castle  in Geneva, NY. After the ceremony, we’re doing the family shots out by the lake, and as things are winding down, & just when we need him… comes THIS GUY!  Afghanistan-U.S. Army Veteran Mike…..U.S. Flag & all!  C’Mon fellow Wedding Shooters……you KNOW who I mean! THAT GUY, who simply by his exploding presence, just by his simply being there brightens up the whole damn affair and kicks us all up a gear or two! So with a great new & meaningful prop, our military bridal party full of Iraq & Afghanistan Vets, REALLY shows us how to get it done!!!
And after the shoot was done, I swear I last saw our Beach Boy Mike, looking for his Seneca Lake Surf Board!

Another Wagner’s/Ginny Lee Winner!

From Ashley & Paul’s May 31, 2014 Wagner’s Vineyards Wedding…always a beautiful setting for a really great day, complete with loads & loads of beautiful, creative & fun images! By Me, and my partners for the day….my Great Wedding Couples along with their families and friends!!!


“Casablanca Calling”

While editing my way through a Wedding that I shot a few weeks ago up at Zugibe Vineyards , I came across a few of these of the Maid of Honor Toasting the Bride & Groom, and I just LOVED the lighting! Something about that big spotlight on the back wall, and the highlighted MOH with her Husband smiling &  looking on in admiration, well it just reminded me of some smoky scene from Casablanca or the Copacabana? Or maybe it’s just that it’s 2:00 A.M. and I’m still here editing myself silly!!!


Guthrie Corning Hospital – The Future IS HERE!

Took the walking tour this afternoon of the brand new Guthrie Corning Hospital Campus, and let me just say this….IMPRESSIVE!
This Facility is so Futuristic & Hi-Tech, so Beautiful, so Top Shelf… ALMOST makes you want to be sick, so you can spend some time there. To all involved….. A JOB TREMENDOUSLY WELL DONE! A Great Addition & Asset to our local Medical Communnity.

Moonwalk to Eternity…

Today remembering Michael Jackson on the Five Year Anniversary of his Death. What a talented Singer, Dancer & Showman. What a shame he was also apparently possessed, by so many Inner Demons.
Back in the early ’90′s I DJ’d at a club for a bit, and always loved playing “Billie Jean” from the legendary “Thriller” Album. So as a personal remembrance of the King of Pop, I always have with me at Weddings  a few pair of white cotton gloves. During the course of the day and especially into the reception & on the dance floor, I always try to scope out “THAT ONE” particular Guest who through his or her actions just catches my eye, and who I just know are going to be photographically “interesting” throughout the night. Then I wait for the first playing of the Michael Jackson ‘s  “Beat It” or “Billie Jean” are always KILLER! So it’s then that I pop out onto the dance floor and pull out one of those gloves and wave it in front of my victim, and they ALWAYS go nuts! They can’t get that glove on fast enough, and well…the results speak for themselves!  The thing that always amazes me, and that’s how fast they always master that “crotch grab” move, lol ! They sure as hell can’t do the Moonwalk, but they all certainly can “Beat It!”

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