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Tonight’s corporate gig for The Rockwell Museum @ the Corning Museum of Glass Auditorium, entailed shooting the welcoming reception for National Geographic Photographer Peter McBride. Tremendous work! You’ve got to get to the Rockwell to see his work!
This shot from his fine exhibit & also tonight’s slideshow presentation to well over 500 people is so cool…you look at it fast and at first your brain just doesn’t quite get what’s going on here……shot straight down from an airplane above….the dark horses are actually the SHADOWS of the white & brown horses standing just beneath and to the right of each of them. isn’t that cool?
I had the pleasure to chat with Peter this morning, as well as tonight & found out he is a fellow Nikon shooter, very cool, and that as I suspected, he lost one body and was constantly battling against the never ending problems of SAND IN EVERYTHING during his four year adventure as he photographed the secret wonders of the mighty Colorado River!



I shot this last week for the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, NY – Pretty Cool!

Gentleman Joe!

As I’m rolling through the endless editing process of my Niece Katie & “Nephew in Law?” Joes Wedding, these shots came out SOOOOOOO GREAT I just had to post one!
And as Donald Trump would say…..”Have I told you lately what a TREMENDOUS PHOTOGRAPHER I am?” Am I AWESOME or What???
“Do you realize just how TREMENDOUSLY LUCKY you were to have ME be there to shoot your fun day!!!!???  Just Thank God that you didn’t end up just having some LOSER shooting your day! Have I mentioned that I Graduated from the Professional Photography School of 600+ Weddings Shot!!?? And that I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, TREMENDOUSLY GOOD! WILDLY GOOD beyond your Wildest Dreams!!!!  EXCUUUUUUSE ME!!!! & Enjoy!!!

PS: Joe, I’m Impressed! You EVEN looked like a Gentleman! YOU PULLED IT OFF BUDDY!!!!

All Grown Up!

It’s Senior Picture time again Kiddos, and it’s always amazing when friends or relatives call to have their son or daughter schedule a visit to my Studio. I guess it really lets me know how fast the years are flying by! During today’s downpours I had the pleasure to shoot Tia’s Senior Portrait here at the 211 Studio. I’ve known her since she was born, as our families have been very close friends for years. It’s amazing, her transformation into a pretty, young woman. It seems just like yesterday when I was shooting some ‘Sister” portraits of Tia and her younger sister on the playground of a local grade school! Wow!


This One Hit’s Close to Home…

Katie & Joe – July 24, 2015
Starting the Wedding Fun off @ The Platinum Salon in Hanover Square, with a familiar crew of Family & Friends all around, for my Niece Katie’s big day.
I’ve been working my way through a Full Summer of Shooting Weddings Each & Every Weekend, and guess what kiddo?
I’ve FINALLY started yours! Here’s just a little tease preview for you, because you’ve been so patient!!!

E.C.C. ²

Elyse & Matt – 07/18/15 – Elmira College Campus – Elmira Country Club.
My approach to shooting Weddings has always been to compartmentalize all the different segments of the fun day and really concentrate on only the moments at hand.
…Getting Ready – Ceremony – Formals – and FUN OUTSIDE! That’s where we are here. While at both of these pretty locations, Fun people having a Great time ALWAYS combine with my eye & my ideas and together it’s a lock that we’ll come away with Fantastic Shots that tell the story of your exciting day!  Believe me, It Happens EVERY Weekend!

Fun In The Sun

Using the Best Backlight of all! SUNSHINE!
A couple favorites from tonight’s shoot….East Coast Girls having Fun in the Sun, in the oh too soon, dying days of Summer 2015.



Brown Eyed Girl

Saturday’s Salon Start – Elyse & Matt – 07/18/15 – The Elmira Country Club

Fairway Fantasy

Katelyn & Adam – July 11, 2015 – Elmira Country Club


Cayuga Driftwood

Here’s a couple of my favorite shots from Stephanie & Jeff’s Great Wedding today up at Sheldrake Point & Trumansburg. The light was PERFECT! Sometimes Wedding Couples think that if the Wedding Day is not bright sunshine the pictures will come out poorly. Just the opposite is true. A nice cloud cover is the perfect softbox to provide nice, even lighting! Today was a Great Day for shooting and these are just the tip of the bounty! Beautiful people, great locations, fantastic interactions with family & friends……we were hitting on all cylinders today baby!!!


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