The Tin Man Awaits…

Spent Saturday after the RANGERS big WIN envisioning, brainstorming and building the set & lighting for this coming weeks Studio Shoots in my awesome, modern, ground floor Professional Studio. The past couple weeks I’ve been searching for old, rusted out, used, corrugated tin roofing. No one seemed to have any, and a few old barns recently torn down, well I just missed nailing some by just a week or so…till BINGO, my buddy Bill Baker of Photographers Tech & Training Solutions in Elmira, NY, stumbled upon some on Craig’s List at a place up in Ithaca. The perfect amount of rusted roofing at a great price at a place called FINGER LAKES RE-USE CENTER which is located in the Triphammer Marketplace just off  the Triphammer Road/ Rt. 13 exit. Imagine every single rummage sale, garage sale, and auction that you’ve ever been at, coupled with all of the remodeling & building hardware that you have ever tossed out in your lifetime in a huge storefront. Electronics, housewares, tools, books, furniture, doors windows, molding, electric & plumbing fixtures, lumber, bath tubs, sinks, toilets, lumber. All of it reclaimed (Hey, It’s ITHACA!) and just waiting for a new life. The prices are very reasonable and they have so much product that they have some of the overflow stored outside in huge shipping containers. So remember, if you are ever looking something off the wall and are just coming up dry, you might just want to check this place out. Like I said, they do advertise lots of the inventory on Craigs List.
Here are a couple shots while I was getting the lighting tuned in, being assisted by my ever present Studio Lighting Model, the Prince of Darkness Himself, Dick Cheney!

And We’re Off…..My 2015 Wedding Season has Begun!

A few quick, sweet shots from this evening’s Wedding of Natalie & Jared – May 01, 2015.


“His Spirit Lives On”

A while back I posted this original image from my recent shoot of the Horseheads Fire Department. Since then I received a couple of requests by family, to see if I could add Brother & Father Dick into the mix. Not one to back down from a challenge, I figured this would be a great way to show off some of my Photoshop skills! I did it in a couple of versions…one where he looks real and where he was actually a part of the shoot, and the other is a more spirtual looking version. Let me know what you think, and which one you like the best?As many of you know Dick Sullivan was the Past HFD Fire Chief and he passed away very unexpectedly on 04/05/06.


“Damn, I’m Good!”
This Beautiful Girl and I spent some special time yesterday afternoon, and it’s pretty amazing how many miles traveled actually went into bringing us together! My client works in Elmira, saw some of my previous work, and actually works with another client of mine. Well, after hearing good things, he chose me to shoot a special Birthday Gift for a very close friend of his. Steve started out at his home near Jamestown, drove across the state almost to Kingston to secretly pick up & kidnap Jasper from her babysitter, while her owner was at work. They then drove to Horseheads where we met, started out with some Studio Shots, and then ventured across the street and over the RR Tracks and into the Swamp, where Jasper and the colors of Spring just Perfectly Meshed! Then after our shoot back in the truck they hopped for the 2.5 hour trip back home before Mommy gets home from work! We did GREAT you two! Well Done! Thanks for the opportunity you two!

Feel the Heat!!! The HFD Crew!

For the past month I’ve been working on a members shoot for my neighbors across the street from the Studio, the Horseheads Fire Department. Nice winter project before Weddings kick in soon! S0 I finally posted the Galleries  tonight & they came out really nice! Of course we did the standard Class A Uniform shots, but I really loved the way all  the Turnout Gear shots with the Smoke & Post Production effects turned out! Each Firefighter had a personally designed card created for them. HFD gang – e-mail me to get the Gallery Access Password to view your images. And Artie, because we are buddies I can say this! Don’t you just love how on your card I gave you the “I’ve Seen The Light!” beam coming down on you???
And members of other Local/Chemung County Fire Departments….please feel free to contact me if you might be interested in setting up  a shoot & having YOUR Dedicated Members Captured in all their glory! 607-398-2122 or



“Stylin’ Stephen”… The ’30′s Are Back!

My favorite shot from this afternoon’s Studio Session.

Puck Juggler

Couple of neat puck handling shots from Friday Night’s exciting Jackals Overtime Comeback Win over arch rival Reading!


“Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire”

I’ve been busier than hell the past few days with the beginning of a week long portrait shooting session of ALL the Members of the Horseheads Fire Department…my buddies across the street from my 211 Studio. Having formerly been both a Horseheads, and a Town & Country Fireman myself, this shoot provided me with the chance to greet and catch up with many old friends, as well as to meet and get to know a bit, many of the newer members that have joined the ranks in recent years. Speaking of old friends, this afternoon I had the privilege to shoot my lifelong old buddy, HFD Chief Artie Sullivan, along with his two nephews, Kevin & Patrick, both of whom I have known since they were little boys. In my opinion, this is one of my all time favorite, meaningful, family portraits.

So what do you think? Is this shot SMOKING HOT, or what???

“Slick” Seidel

During Elmira games all season long while shooting Jackals Forward Mike Seidel, he keeps reminding me of RANGERS forward Mats Zuccarello….same build, gritty determination and hustle, same long dark hair. Especially so tonight right after I shot Mats Z on Friday Night up in Buffalo. Anyway…..Mike put on one hell of a move tonight right in front of me during the second period that made me once again think of the similarities of these two players! Check it out! Poor ole Greenville Defenseman Sam Noreau #8, he didn’t know whether to shit or wind his watch!!!

“Capt’. Tassone BANGS one Home!”

Heated Third Period action by the Elmira Jackals in this image, catches their Captain Matt Tassone pounding in the home teams 7th or 8th goal of the night. Sorry, there were so many I lost count of which one this was! Great Game Boys, you dominated from start to finish!


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