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Meet The Press

Favorite Non-Game Action shots from todays game…my buddy Ron Levanduski/Star-Gazette Photographer, some shots from post game ECHL Week Press Interview, and the Wichita Goalie Bunz’s neat Goalie Mask.

Howdy Wichita!

On the occasion of the very first ever visit of the Wichita Thunder to Elmira, NY & First Arena, I thought I would post a few Absolutely Heartwarming Images detailing the Love & Camaraderie that was shared this afternoon at First Arena for what I must say was the most exciting & entertaining games that we’ve had there in the last couple of years!  After two tough losses already this weekend, where we really had our asses handed to us, frankly I wasn’t too thrilled to spend Sunday afternoon shooting Game #3. But as the game progressed and the Jackals lead grew, you could cut the nastiness that was in the air with a knife! Incident after incident started unfolding, until  late in the third period we had the re-creation of “The Fight” the first and biggest Jackals Bru-Ha-Ha ever, at then…the Coach USA Center. (I shot that one too by the way!) So anyway, I dub this little Glove Dance….The Fight II”  Enjoy!

The “SHORT” End of the Stick

So Elmira College started things out this rainy, damp Saturday @ First Arena, and tonight the Jackals dropped another one at home 6-2, and if you were there you’ll now what I’m talking about when I say that they came out on the “Short” end of the stick. Figure it out! lol



Bing, Bang, Boom!

Our Elmira Jackals had a rough night Friday Evening, suffering a 5-0 Shutout Loss @ the hands of the South Carolina Stingrays. When the team plays badly, I don’t seem to get may great shots either….but I did manage to salvage a few action packed moments anyway! I thought this move was pretty slick!

20141206-FULL FRAMED-1

Fall Engagement

Had a fun October Saturday shooting Lydia & Matt’s Engagement Shoot in preparation for their soon to be here May Wedding, and we hit it out of the park! Nice job you two…I can’t wait for May to get here!

“Are You Guys Brothers?”








It’s just a simple fact, that anyone, who knows anything at all about ice hockey knows about “The Hanson Brothers”, the legendary Triplets in the ’70′s Cult Classic movie “SLAPSHOT” with Paul Newman. That movie is one of my all time top ten favorite films I’ve ever seen.  That all being said, back when I was the Sports Photographer for Elmira College, a few years before the Jackals came into existence, the son of Steve Carlson one of the Hanson Brothers, actually was a student at Elmira College and played on the EC Mens Varsity Hockey team for the couple of years while I was shooting there. Anyway, to make a long story short, he got me an autographed 8×10 of his Dad & his Uncles, the Hansons, and all three of these Living Legends hand signed it! Needless to say, the photo holds a special place in my heart and hangs proudly in my Personal Office here at the Studio!
So I was quite pleased when I noticed last nights starting Evansville Goaltender #41 Branden Komm, had some VERY interesting airbrushed artwork on his mask, namely the Hanson’s. Two of the boys are on one side of the mask, and the third one is on the other side. So I tracked him down before the start of tonight’s game and got a few shots of these historic Ice Legends that are now gracing his Mask! I just thought it was pretty neat!
“We’re Puttin’ on the Foil, ….. Want Some Coach?”



“On the Boardwalk”


“Hogan’s Heroes”…………… sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

Jeremy and I have been buddies for 15+ years now, so it was a pleasure shooting his & Melissa’s Wedding on the Geneva/Seneca Lakefront. In regard to this first Image, to those of you in Law Enforcement or Child Protective Services, there is NO NEED for alarm! This little guy is Jeremy’s Nephew, Jack, whom I was warned about well in advance! This little guy is running on 220 Volts – 24 Hours a day!  I swear! This kid has no OFF position! He was sooo wound up to be a part of the Wedding! So anyway, Jeremy was just trying to corral him and keep him from running off head-on into Seneca Falls Main Street traffic!!!

Seventy Five & Still ALIVE!

From tonight’s Great Birthday Bash I captured over at the Elmira Country Club! The Honoree’s Grandchildren had some special surprise Talents  on display for us all. Needless to say, Grandma Shirley Loved The Show!


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