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Something Different from Tonights Game…


“On a Mission” Intermission!

Between the First & Second Periods at tonight’s Jackals-Reading game, Somehow the First Arena Gamenight Gang got Jackals Forward Justin Sawyer’s Girlfriend Morgan Porta, into the new Jeep that was rolled out onto the ice for it’s trip around the rink. Once out there the Wrangler stopped at Center Ice and out skated #42.  As she got out of the Jeep & still in total disbelief, the Jackals Enforcer took a knee and popped the question to the delight of the three thousand Jackals Fans in the stands. and SHE SAID YES TOO of course!


Bridal Show…Here We Go!

I’ve been working the last few weeks, along with everything else over the holidays, on putting things together for this weekend’s 2015 Arnot Mall Bridal/Wedding Show. This is my 18th or 19th year for this annual January ritual (I’ve lost count, and can’t really find out for certain, because I’ve been in this show longer than anyone else, even the management!) Man how time fly’s! Anyway…I thought I would post a Bits-&-Pieces-Tease of these brand new, huge, super-prints of some of my favorite shots from this past, great 2014 Wedding Season. These giant 4 foot x 6 foot prints will be my main display in Centre Court all weekend long. Any of my Brides & Grooms out there recognize any of these shots? Jeremy, you can’t guess because YOU printed them all! lol Great Job as usual, by the way! Stop by, check ‘em all out in their entirety, and say “Hello!” as I log in my hours for another yearly show.

My Moments With Matt

Sunday night was a great time to finish off this 2014 Christmas Weekend, so we hosted a small gathering of some very special Family & Friends for a Party/Dinner at one of Elmira’s little known Gems…The Fassett Cottage on West First Street. What a GREAT place! The warm feel, and all the antiques and special holiday touches made it seem like home, but without having to worry about cooking or doing the dishes! The Proprietor Bill Knapp & his partner cooked up a Fantastic Meal to top off the fun & conversation gathering. PLUS++ When was the last time you saw an actual UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREE????
The best part of it for me, was catching up a bit with “my Son!” Deacon Matt Jones. Matt is a fine young man whom we have had the pleasure of getting to know from years ago, as he is a very close friend of our niece Katie.  A few years back, Matt answered a calling to become a Catholic Priest, and this June he will complete that lengthy & important journey.
The funny thing is that years ago, it became very common practice for us to be called Father & Son….I’d call him Son, he would call me Dad….because we both shared a common way of speaking! Let’s just say that we both are very prone to use a lot of colorful expletives, and anyone who knows either of us knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I mean we are EXPERT LINGUISTS at using certain words in multiple, descriptive ways…as Nouns, as Adjectives, as Verbs! You name it, we can use it with absolute precision for any situation, in any sentence, to describe any given moment in time! SO anyway…. Ole’ Dad was pleased to find out that even after four years of being in the Seminary was not able to alter this endearing trait/skill of his! We sat together at Dinner, and I questioned him on all the things I always wanted to ask a Priest, but was afraid to ask……like “What’s the deal with that Pope Hat?”….from BINGO to Nuns, from Vestments to the Vatican…..and needless to say, despite his incessant urging…..I will NOT be planning to join him in entering the Catholic Seminary/Priesthood at any time soon! At least NOT in THIS REMAINING LIFETIME of mine! Sorry Padre’!  I think I just heard the Pope let out a breath of RELIEF! Great seeing you & breaking bread with you once again Son!

Christmas Cookie Monsters!

For the last couple of years right before Christmas,my 83 year old Mother-In-Law Dev invites the little neighbor kids over for “Cookie Time” as she calls it. They sit around the kitchen table and frost & decorate cookies that she had baked earlier in the day. Then they go out under the Christmas Tree and each get a gift. So this year I hid out with my camera to watch and capture a few of the magical moment’s  taking place during this sweet little tradition that the former grade school teacher has created for these sweet little kinds.


Annie & Jill

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Meet The Press

Favorite Non-Game Action shots from todays game…my buddy Ron Levanduski/Star-Gazette Photographer, some shots from post game ECHL Week Press Interview, and the Wichita Goalie Bunz’s neat Goalie Mask.

Howdy Wichita!

On the occasion of the very first ever visit of the Wichita Thunder to Elmira, NY & First Arena, I thought I would post a few Absolutely Heartwarming Images detailing the Love & Camaraderie that was shared this afternoon at First Arena for what I must say was the most exciting & entertaining games that we’ve had there in the last couple of years!  After two tough losses already this weekend, where we really had our asses handed to us, frankly I wasn’t too thrilled to spend Sunday afternoon shooting Game #3. But as the game progressed and the Jackals lead grew, you could cut the nastiness that was in the air with a knife! Incident after incident started unfolding, until  late in the third period we had the re-creation of “The Fight” the first and biggest Jackals Bru-Ha-Ha ever, at then…the Coach USA Center. (I shot that one too by the way!) So anyway, I dub this little Glove Dance….The Fight II”  Enjoy!

The “SHORT” End of the Stick

So Elmira College started things out this rainy, damp Saturday @ First Arena, and tonight the Jackals dropped another one at home 6-2, and if you were there you’ll now what I’m talking about when I say that they came out on the “Short” end of the stick. Figure it out! lol



Bing, Bang, Boom!

Our Elmira Jackals had a rough night Friday Evening, suffering a 5-0 Shutout Loss @ the hands of the South Carolina Stingrays. When the team plays badly, I don’t seem to get may great shots either….but I did manage to salvage a few action packed moments anyway! I thought this move was pretty slick!

20141206-FULL FRAMED-1

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