Zeigler Florist – A Taste of Spring!

Bringing a Little Spring to an eagerly awaiting region!
















Our Hometown Horseheads Florists, just around the corner through Hanover Square from  my 211 Studio, is owned & operated by my buddies Don & Paul Zeigler. Needless to say, they ALWAYS do Fantastic work, and are truly a pleasure to work with on each & every Wedding that we share.











Irish Sushi……Irishi?

From a quick shoot this weekend…. up at Elmira’s Beautiful Hill Top Inn.
“SUSHI” in Japanese = “Stove’s Broke”….Always Loved that one!
Bet you didn’t know that I spoke fluent Japanese, did ya Mike?


Fall…..Seems So, So Long Ago.

Some Selections from a really pretty & fun,Fall Shoot. Great Job D !


Polar Vortex Fire & Ice

Made a Midnight Run tonight up to Seneca Lake with my buddy A.D. Wheeler to shoot the Northern Lights. Well, so much for the plans of mortal men! Once we got up there we found fully overcast skies just killing any chance at all to see this great celestial feast. So after sitting in the car and polishing off our DD hot chocolates, we walked out to the lake on the Clute Park Breakwater Wall, and we played around a little in the balmy 18 degree January morning glow at 1:00 A.M.  And ya know what? After looking more closely at these shots, maybe just maybe,  perhaps we did manage to capture some of that Aurora Borealis after all?
Kinda Kool, Huh? Had a lot of fun Andy, It was a real pleasure! 🙂


What Was Once Old, Is New Again

My last Wedding of 2013 is tomorrow, I just got back from Rehearsal & Dinner at the Spectacular,  Completely Renovated and Restored Cowles Hall of Elmira College, where the Wedding will be held. The Chapel is absolutely Breathtaking! Nested at the center of the huge structure, my Groom’s Dad is the Director of Facilities at the College, so I got a VIP tour of the entire place, and it is just beyond description. These windows, of Mark Twain & Olivia Langdon, are but two of a couple dozen or so that grace the inside of the Chapel, complete with a hi-tech, digital back-lighting system behind them so that it always looks like its a bright sunny day outside, on all sides of the room. Word is that the windows alone are valued at well over 2 million dollars. Wow!


All Aboard!!!

Last scan of the night….year unknown, A Lehigh Valley Train with Engine # 25454 at the Horseheads, NY  RR Station. You can just see the “…EADS” on the sign hanging from the center of the stations rafters. Neat Shot!


Horseheads High Hoopsters – 109 Years Ago!

Scanning some never before seen old glass negatives from the Horseheads Historical Society Archives (I’m on the Board) and I came across this beauty from 1904. Wow! What? No Nikes?

Home Again In Horseheads NY One Hundred Years Later

Here’s a neat story about another addition to my collection of “Treasures”.
Last month a family friend, Marcie Baer came up from her home in Maryland & spent the weekend. For a few years she had mentioned that she had a surprise for me, something that she had from a long time ago. She brought up with her an old piece of oak & glass furniture, an old retail umbrella sales & display case. It was in her Dad’s basement for many, many years until he died only a few years ago.
This case was manufactured by the Oscar Onken Company of Cincinnati, Ohio at the turn of the 20th century. Umbrellas were used a lot more back in those days, and were considered a vital and necessary part of every well dressed persons wardrobe. These cases were usually found in most clothing stores and haberdasheries. They were also commonly found in the general stores or local gathering places of smaller communities that sold tobacco, confections, newspapers, etc. So much for the description of what this piece was in it’s past life.
So Marcie knows I collect and appreciate historical items, and knowing that she did not have any practical use for this thing…it now became mine!
It was in terrible shape. It was watermarked, dirty, full of cobwebs, had 2 broken panels of glass. Despite all of this, I saw a real gem inside!
Over the past month, I cleaned it up, hand rubbed it all with Tung Oil, had the missing glass panels replaced, and in general brought this beauty back to life, as these images beautifully show. I actually use it now to hold the many umbrellas that I use here in my Studio. But the neatest thing about this whole story is that this case started out it’s life in the early 1900’s in one of those above mentioned little shops….a place called H.A. Messings – A store selling men’s furnishings – tobacco, magazines & books. It later was sold and changed names into Rudy Baer’s Corner, right on the corner here in Hanover Square, just two blocks away from where my Studio stands today, and where that case will now call home, at least until I retire!
Welcome home to an old friend, back home in Horseheads, NY…..where you began….where you belong!


Dallas ’63 Remembered………. Fifty Years Later.

In 1994 we visited my good buddy Mick Lowman & his wife Denise at their home just outside Dallas, Texas. While there Mick showed us all the sites related to JFK’s Assassination. Dealy Plaza, the School Book Depository (now “The Sixth Floor JFK Museum”), the Texas Theater where Oswald was captured, and finally good ole’ Lee -O’s final resting place.

Mick was so proud to have found the grave, as it’s location was never published or really made public knowledge…but Mick made it his personal Mission From God to find it. Whenever he had a chance, he drove from cemetery to cemetery, looking, striking up conversations with groundskeepers until finally one old boy wouldn’t tell him exactly where the site was, but gave Mick a few clues and BINGO….the Promised Land! Here I am, laying down & resting for a bit with Lee-O.

Interesting little side note, that as the word got out as to where the burial site was located, Cemetery officials worried about the possibility of the grave being plundered some day. I can’t remember the exact year this was done, but to thwart that possible outcome the Cemetery dug up the casket, dug the hole much deeper than usual, replaced the coffin and then poured a few dump truck loads of concrete on top of it. So short of someone using a nuclear warhead to exhume ole Lee-O…..He aint’t goin’ anywhere for a long, long time!

Today hell, all you have to do is Google it and there are the EXACT GPS coordinates below.

Rest in Peace JFK……Fifty years Later.

If you are ever in Dallas/Ft. Worth & want to go spend some quiet time & visit Lee-O:

Final Resting Place – Rose Hill Cemetery
Fort Worth, Texas
32.732455°N 97.203223°W



Me....& Lee!

Me….& Lee!

Air Supply – 10/17/13 First Arena

Some great shots from tonight’s fun show @ First Arena, Elmira, NY
One of the Guitarists had a little Jimi Hendrix going tonight too! I wonder if he knew that “The Legend” was Alive & Well and just outside these very Arena doors, Regularly Roaming the Streets of Downtown Elmira???

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