At Tonights Rehearsal……a friend of the Bride that you just might recognize…

Matt Damon

You never know who you’re going to run into in this business.
Fun Guy! Absolutely Hilarious!

Can’t Wait for The Wedding!







Air Supply – 10/17/13 First Arena

Some great shots from tonight’s fun show @ First Arena, Elmira, NY
One of the Guitarists had a little Jimi Hendrix going tonight too! I wonder if he knew that “The Legend” was Alive & Well and just outside these very Arena doors, Regularly Roaming the Streets of Downtown Elmira???

“Beat It!”

A while back I bought a case of these cheap, white cloth gloves on Ebay, and I always keep a few pair of them in one of the many cases that I always have with me at Wedding Receptions. During the course of the day and especially into the reception & on the dance floor, I always try to scope out “THAT ONE” particular Guest who through his or her actions just catches my eye, and who I just know are going to be photographically “interesting” throughout the night. Then I wait for the first playing of the Michael Jackson ‘s  “Beat It” or “Billie Jean” are always KILLER! So it’s then that I pop out onto the dance floor and pull out one of those gloves and wave it in front of my victim, and they ALWAYS go nuts! They can’t get that glove on fast enough, and well…the results speak for themselves!  The thing that always amazes me, and that’s how fast they always master that “crotch grab” move, lol ! Beat It!


My Night @ The Mu”Z”eum…

Tonight’s Gig was the “Music & Margaritas” event @ The Rockwell Museum in Corning, and as luck would have it I ran into this infamous celebrity. Guess he heard there were lots of guns on display. I’m really glad that it was so hot out this evening, or else I may have been wearing my HOODIE…….Rutt Row!!!
Also, I just noticed the buildings in the background….they kinda look like a Prison Guard Tower….Just Sayin’.


Met “The Rock” @ The “Rock!”

Had a commercial shoot today, and while there one of the sales staff that I met, well…. you tell me…..does this guy look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or what? Even he says he gets told that all the time & he even went out on Halloween once as his, alter ego!!!! How cool is that?


“Wild Thing” Charlie Sheen spotted @ Julie & Ian’s Wedding!

Saturday must have been an off day for the “Wild Thing” Charlie Sheen, so he partied it up in Elmira at Julie & Ian’s Wedding! All day long we were on the  lookout for Jimi Hendrix, but unfortunately he was a no-show.


My Wedding with Angelina…

From Lydia & Shawn’s June 15 Heron Hill / Keuka Lake Wedding. You just never know who may be in the Wedding, until you meet all of the girls Saturday morning at the Hair Salon!

All I could say was……”Holy Pitt!”


Tonight’s Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Just got back from Heron Hill Hammondsport & this weekend’s Wedding Rehearsal of Lydia & Shawn of Hill Top Inn fame…. and just couldn’t wait to post tonight’s Celebrity Look-A-Likes ….a couple of real dead ringers too if you ask me!
First off….the 39th President of the United States…Jimmy Carter! Welcome to the Finger Lakes Mr. President!
Also in attendance, of History Channel/American Picker fame, “The Bundler” himself,  Frank Fritz.

So whadaya think? Can ya see it folks?


Jimi Hendrix – Wedding Crasher!

As Elmira locals know, we are blessed in our community with the re-incarnation of ’60’s Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix, who is seen frequently roaming the streets of the Queen City. So after today’s September 1, 2012 Wedding of Grace & David @ North Presbyterian, we took a walk over to the Campus of Elmira College to have some fun. As I got my gang set up on the steps of Hamilton Hall and with my back to the street I heard Gracie say…”There’s Jimi Hendrix!” I looked, and sure as hell there he was walking down College Ave.! I hollered over to him & asked if he had a minute & might want to join us in some Wedding Pictures….& he said “Everybody Want’s Me in Pictures!” and well….. Here We Are! Keep on Rockin’ Jimi!









More Celebrity Look-A-Likes

More in what will be a continuing series of posts of new Celebrity Look-a-Likes that I run into during the course of my Wedding shoots! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I spot people at Weddings, and immediately they remind me of an athlete, actor, actress, singer or politician. Once I mention it to them, others who hear the conversation always seem to chime in & agree, and usually my “Celebrity” victim has heard it all before.

Up Today… Alaska’s Former Quitter/Ex-Governor Sarah Palin, Ted Turner, Nicholas Cage, Jane Lynch, and The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel!













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