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Katie & Joe – July 24, 2015

Today my Niece Katie takes that walk down the Wagner’s Winery Aisle to meet her Groom Joe.
Thursday Nights Rehearsal & Dinner was fun! CONGRATULATIONS & have a GREAT Wedding Day today!!!
BLUEMOVES even made the trip up to Lodi! She hasn’t been that far away from home in 25 years!
It’s funny…even now when I get behind that wheel..I still feel like that 18 year old kid who bought her, nearly 40 years ago!
Really “Cleaned the Pipes” if you know what I mean!



Cassie & Matt

Saturday June 20, 2015 – Glenora Wine Cellars – Dundee, NY

Mazza’s Monsoon Memories!

As I work my way through all the Images of this Wedding (I’m getting there kids), where it just POURED ALL DAY LONG, I wanted to take a moment & post a few of these so that I might make our Bride Christine smile in knowing that we still managed to get some BEAUTIFUL Images! THANKING GOD (and John!) for the Wonderfully HUGE Porches on the Lovely John Joseph Inn in Lansing, NY! Those Porches proved to be our LIFEBOAT on that rainy Saturday afternoon!




A Little Bit Country

Ashley & Ridge – June 6, 2015 – Wagner Vineyards

“Raisin’ Cain”

The Muti-Talented Virgil Cain @ Tonight’s Music & Margaritas Party on the Terrace @ The Rockwell Museum. 06.24.15

“Wagners Winederland”

Lydia & Matt – May 24, 2015 – Wagner Vineyards


“The Boys – Matt & Brad”

Lydia & Matt – May 24, 2015 – Wagner Vinyards

“Very Sparkly”

Lydia & Matt – May 24, 2015 – Wagner Vineyards


M&M in The Wagners Wine Cellar

Melissa & Matt – May 16, 2015



The Tin Man Awaits…

Spent Saturday after the RANGERS big WIN envisioning, brainstorming and building the set & lighting for this coming weeks Studio Shoots in my awesome, modern, ground floor Professional Studio. The past couple weeks I’ve been searching for old, rusted out, used, corrugated tin roofing. No one seemed to have any, and a few old barns recently torn down, well I just missed nailing some by just a week or so…till BINGO, my buddy Bill Baker of Photographers Tech & Training Solutions in Elmira, NY, stumbled upon some on Craig’s List at a place up in Ithaca. The perfect amount of rusted roofing at a great price at a place called FINGER LAKES RE-USE CENTER which is located in the Triphammer Marketplace just off  the Triphammer Road/ Rt. 13 exit. Imagine every single rummage sale, garage sale, and auction that you’ve ever been at, coupled with all of the remodeling & building hardware that you have ever tossed out in your lifetime in a huge storefront. Electronics, housewares, tools, books, furniture, doors windows, molding, electric & plumbing fixtures, lumber, bath tubs, sinks, toilets, lumber. All of it reclaimed (Hey, It’s ITHACA!) and just waiting for a new life. The prices are very reasonable and they have so much product that they have some of the overflow stored outside in huge shipping containers. So remember, if you are ever looking something off the wall and are just coming up dry, you might just want to check this place out. Like I said, they do advertise lots of the inventory on Craigs List.
Here are a couple shots while I was getting the lighting tuned in, being assisted by my ever present Studio Lighting Model, the Prince of Darkness Himself, Dick Cheney!

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