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Met “The Rock” @ The “Rock!”

Had a commercial shoot today, and while there one of the sales staff that I met, well…. you tell me…..does this guy look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or what? Even he says he gets told that all the time & he even went out on Halloween once as his, alter ego!!!! How cool is that?


Comedy…On Tap

@ First Arena Comedy Club Thursday Nights throughout the summer@ The New First Arena! Tonight’s Headliner – Tim Joyce. Enjoy Drinks, Dinner along with a few laughs….Dinner menu available from our full kitchen staff at The Comedy Club Thursday Nights Downtown!

The Pack Horse Unveiling

Horseheads’ Military Pack Horse Finally Comes Home

Earlier this afternoon just down the street from my 211 Studio & in front of the Horseheads Village Hall, I found all the Village Chain Gang Crew preparing for tomorrow’s unveiling of Horseheads’ newest monument to our past…. a bronze, life-sized 400+ lb. Military Pack Horse Statue.  My buddy Mikie Burke was even giving the Horse a “Horsicure?” with his grinder, just prior to it’s being carried over & set on it’s final place of honor. Horseheads is the first & only Village & Town in the United States dedicated to the service of the Military Pack Horse. Try to find time on your Saturday schedules to come to the formal dedication tomorrow, May 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM at the Horseheads Village Hall on South Main Street.

Looking at the first image… kinda reminds me of the last time I saw a horse that rigid, stiff & stretched out like that….was in Dean Wormer’s Office  @ Faber College, in that classic scene from Animal House!







From todays client shoot with Jamie and his beautiful little girl Lisa. If you can’t get in the Christmas spirit in a  Greenhouse chock full of Poinsettias, well I guess you never will!

It’s BISCO’S….Baby!!!

My buddy Dan Corsaro, otherwise affectionately known simply as BISCO just went BIG TIME BABY!!!

BISCO’S ITALIAN SALSA, just opened up their first store at 224 Oakwood Avenue in Elmira Height’s NY 14903, right across the street from Legends Bar & Grille. They just had their open house this past Saturday December 8, and it’s been high flying for them ever since! If you are looking for the World’s Greatest Locally Produced (with his GrandMa’s Secret Family Recipe) Italian Salsa & Fresh Home Made Breads, you owe it to yourself to go check them out! Believe me,  you won’t be disappointed! PHONE 607-733-4297. GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!!

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