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Fall…..Seems So, So Long Ago.

Some Selections from a really pretty & fun,Fall Shoot. Great Job D !


25 Things We Really Wish You Knew….

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25 Things We Really Wish You Knew……by a Wisconsin Wedding Photographer!

Please copy & paste the link above, or click the link to the right in the Random Blogroll to be taken to this helpful & enlightening article! FUTURE BRIDES….Please take a minute to check this out, you’ll be so glad that you did!

“At Close Range”

August 25, 2012 I had the honor to Photograph the Wedding of Katelynn Reed & Billy Olin. Keith Reed was Katelynn’s Dad. Some of my Wedding Images will be a part of this documentary, airing Friday Night on NBC, detailing the story of Keith’s murder, less than 4 weeks after the Wedding.
In September 2012, the body of popular school superintendent Keith Reed was found by his home in western New York.As his family struggled to make sense of the horror, investigators looked for answers. Friday March 21, 2013 on Dateline NBC, Dennis Murphy reports on a story about a small-town murder brewed in cyber-space.



An Afternoon With Alex

Spent Saturday afternoon with Alex, and we had a blast working together creating his Senior Portrait Shoot. We had a nice winter weather afternoon in a great setting….I mean how can you go wrong when your parents own and operate a Winery & Vineyard that we could use as our location? So tell me….how did we do? Great Job Alex, It was a pleasure shooting you!

Fun in the Fall with Katie & Jon

Spent a Brilliant Sunday afternoon on the EC Campus with Katie & Jon, almost a year ahead of their 2014 Fall Wedding. We had some laughs while getting to know each other, and we got some nice images along the way too. Can’t wait to see you two next September!

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I was born at Night, but not Last Night!

This little guy certainly had a lot to say during a recent 211 Studio Session!!!
Baby talk translated….”Let’s lose the Cold Fish, and get me out of this Stupid Basket!!”

Doctors Orders – Studio Rx

From a recent 211 Studio Session with a great local Physician.
I just love how these images from her shoot came out, and most importantly…..SO DID SHE!

Gentleman Ring Farmer

I’m working on Wendy & Justin’s August 10th Wedding tonight and came upon these great shots of our little Ring Bearer Wyatt Cooper. Wyatt and I were shooting pictures of Wendy and her ladies with this great old tractor out in Van Etten prior to the Wedding Ceremony at “Charlies Swamp” in Alpine, NY. Great Job Wyatt Buddy, Thanks for your help!~

Dust In The Wind….

Friday…. it was a long, fun & special day. Up at 7:00 am believe  it or not…..out at 8:30 & off to a HUGE Estate Sale – to sell everything from the house in which my friends Jason, Angela & Clara spent so many years in – The house had been in their Maternal Grandfather’s Mother’s family –  they are assuming it was somewhere around 200 years – a lot of generations of people in one family who never really moved things out – just found places to store the things that currently weren’t being used. As my tribute to my above mentioned friends, today I took this journey through time, with my camera lens to my eye, as I ventured to capture a few telling images of these items. Items frozen in time for ages…….un-earthed & brought out and into the brilliant sunlight of today, to be found, claimed & enjoyed in the future by new owners. Enjoy!

20130726-RB1_193520130726-RB1_1944 copy20130726-RB1_195120130726-RB1_195620130726-RB1_196820130726-RB1_197320130726-RB1_197820130726-RB1_198220130726-RB1_198320130726-RB1_194820130726-RB1_198920130726-RB1_194020130726-RB1_195020130726-RB1_201820130726-RB1_202920130726-RB1_203920130726-RB1_204220130726-RB1_204320130726-RB1_204420130726-RB1_204620130726-RB1_204720130726-RB1_200220130726-RB1_199420130726-RB1_201520130726-RB1_199220130726-RB1_200620130726-RB1_207320130726-RB1_207520130726-RB1_207720130726-RB1_208220130726-RB1_207820130726-RB1_208620130726-RB1_209220130726-RB1_205720130726-RB1_205020130726-RB1_209820130726-RB1_205820130726-RB1_206520130726-RB1_206820130726-RB1_207020130726-RB1_1948


















Frogs on the Wall

I was out watering the pompous grass in front of the Office Sunday afternoon & I thought I saw something weird. Upon further inspection I saw that I had a little toad attached about four feet off the ground, to the cinder block wall of the 211 Studio. Must be he just wanted to “hang out” in the shade with all the Pink Flamingos!!!! I never even disturbed his nap!

RB1_7468ADJ  …..& some totally useless information from my buddy Donny Blide,  renowned Frog Expert!
Nice pic. It’s not a toad like u described in the blog. It’s a green or gray tree frog. Can’t remember which. They have suction cups on their toes and can walk up a glass window. I guarantee, even though you may have never seen one, you have heard them. I’ll send u a link when I get home. I fine like one or two per summer….I kept one for a summer. They are amazing for the fact that they can be frozen solid for days on end with no I’ll effect!”


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