RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 5)

I’ve been busy with lots of Recent, New Shoots as well as a little Spring Cleaning lately, so I’m finally getting around to finish posting the last of the great shots from my trip to Buffalo in March to shoot my NHL NY RANGERS vs.the Buffalo Sabres. You remember the Sabres….they ARE NOT playing hockey anymore this season!
And after looking at all of these shots once more…  I REALLY AM Pretty Awesome at Shooting Hockey, Aren’t I? From The ECHL Little Leagues in Elmira NY, right up with the Big Boys in the NHL, I’ll go head to head with anyone!!!!


The Elmira Gang!

The Elmira Boys, “Buffalo’in It!”


Sixteen Candles

So, early (for me at least) Thursday morning, once again we gathered this seasons installment of our hometown Elmira Jackals Professional Ice Hockey Club out onto the Center Ice Circle of the First Arena Pond, and for the Sixteenth Time in this organizations existence, I staged & shot the Official Team Portrait for 2015-2016. I told the Boys after we finished up with the last image, that I hope to be back here doing the same thing in about two months time, only this time with the addition of a shiny Kelly Cup in the center of us all. So let’s see what unfolds this Spring!

Our Town-Our Team-Our Goal

Overtime Heart Stopper!!!!

“The game needed a hero and found it in the form of Jacob MacDonald who muscled out of the corner and powered across the crease with a forehand tuck-in past Stevens for the overtime game-winning goal with 45 seconds left in the extra session.”

One reality of shooting action sports, that I learned long ago, is the agony of having an official or another players screen you out from getting that KILLER shot! That almost happened tonight on this GAMEWINNER….I saw the play coming right at me…..I was all set to get that SCORING moment, and then the damn Ref skates right into the frame! Oh well, I still got most of the shot as you can see that puck hit the back of the net and then float there for a while, while “Mac” did his Victory Pump right at me!

Tonight was the most exciting win of this Jackals Season by far! A GREAT NIGHT!

RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 4)


RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 3)


GOAL!!!!!!! #40 Darcy Murphy … Welcome to Elmira!


RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 2)

Back to Elmira Jackals Hockey Tonight…Hoping to keep the 6 Game Winning Streak Going!
But before I head out to First Arena, I thought I’d add Part 2 of my NHL Experience this past Tuesday Evening, with much more to come!

RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 1)

GREAT Game & Fine Shooting on Tuesday Night, the RANGERS came out on top 4-2 in the end. Ran into countless Elmira folks who also shuffled on up to Buffalo. It was a beautiful drive…73 degrees in places along the way! A bit different from last years slog when it was around Zero going up, then -18 coming back! No Climate Change here folks!
Anyway…I’m working my way through the First Period now, of nearly 2000 shots, so here’s just a tease till I get through all of them and post some full Blog Galleries! Hope you enjoy looking, as much as I did capturing. And make sure you click on each image, as they pop open pretty big!!!! God I Love What I do! PS: as usual, Thanks Jared for hooking me up!
I posted this on Facebook from the game, but I had the pleasure to meet and have dinner with the Buffalo Sabres Team Photographer Bill Wippert. Here I thought I’ve been shooting for the Jackals a long time now in season #16, but that’s NOTHING! We’re the same age, and Bill’s been shooting for the Sabres for FORTY ONE FRIGGING YEARS!!! Unbelievable!

Puck It!


The Big One! Elmira Knitting Mills Warehouse Fire – 01/31/16

Had to laugh….I was called in by my Buddy Horseheads FD Chief Artie Sullivan…so I dusted it off & grabbed my trusty old T&C Helmet with my nickname, the trademark BATMAN logo on it. When I got to the scene Artie and Heights Chief Mike Cadek gave me the OK to shoot away among the Fire Troops inside the FD crowd ropes…..while doing so a Heights PD Officer came up, thought I was just an ordinary civilian and was going to move me back….
I explained to him that I had permission to shoot there…..
He asked “Who are you?”
End of story…… lots of great stuff, and lucky for all of us….it was 54 degrees out this January 31st! Felt like a Spring Drill.


Good Ole’ Bill Shaw, the gentleman in the Yellow Fire Police Jacket & who has been in the Heights FD since he was 9 years old kept saying all night long…”I’ve been waiting Seventy One Years For This S.O.B. to Burn Down!” Well there you go Bill!!!


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