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“Moonlight Derailment” 02:20 A.M. 07/20/11

Just before I was about to head home for the nigh…morning….I heard about a possible derailment by Wygant Road at the Holding Point Yards , so I just had to go check it out for myself…What a Frigging Mess! Probably a dozen or so cars off the rails…hard to tell in the dark…but it’s not just the wheels off the rails….these rails are ripped right out of the ties and twisted like pretzels underneath these fully loaded hopper cars…the road is torn up…like I said, What Frigging Mess! I guess I know where all the Norfolk Southern Track Repair guys will be working tomorrow, and Thursday & Friday in the 98 degree hot sun!! Good excuse to finally get those Holding Point lines re-done…..this was an accident just waiting to happen!








2011’s Rolling “Gifts of Graffiti”….07/05/11

As the Gas Industry Supply Trains daily pass by my Studio back lot here in Horseheads, NY… I’m always checking them out for the frequently found, and stunningly beautiful “Rolling Canvas’s of Graffiti” . Then I high-tail it over to the Holding Point Railroad Yards & Warehouse Facility,  which are located directly across the street from the Studio,  and I try to find what just rolled in earlier. Lately it’s been getting much busier with the rail traffic, and if Hydraulic Fracking starts soon here in NY, one can only imagine the increase in trains, and yes, more of this incredibly creative art! I’ll be keeping my eyes open… to start us off this summer……Fourth of July afternoon had 70+ cars rolling in, and here are some of the best, that I shot just before sundown….How Cool! 🙂








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