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Silently Losing My Mind!!!! 06/22/11

Late Sunday Night my computer got hit with a Sasser Virus and knocked me right on my butt! The computer was in the capable hands of my buddy John Cecce @ Bit Bucket Computers all day Monday getting swept of all bugs & having Windows re-loaded, and ever since I have been here, battling technology 1000 different ways while trying to get all of my programs back, re-installed, re-loaded and re-configured to the way they were!. After the second day in a row of leaving the Studio after 3:00 A.M., I’m kinda wishing for the good old days…. of FILM & CHEMICALS & DARKROOMS!

Life was soooo much simpler way back then! Good Night Cruel World!

I’m now in the Blogosphere!

Just a test, as I’m trying out my blog page feature for the first time! Feel free to comment

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