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Welcome to Horseheads – “Zim” Style Reborn!

A Big Shout-Out to Cassie Cavanaugh for the GREAT job that she did in adding/painting native Horseheads Artist Eugene “Zim” Zimmerman’s Iconic Three Horses Welcome Sign onto the North/East Wall of my 211 Studio Building on North Main Street. Cassie’s Art Class at HHS recently completed re-creating this sign that now hangs on the Horseheads Historical Society Museum RR Station/Building, and after I saw it there, I knew that I wanted one on my Studio! It just works so perfectly, as you see this neat welcome sign as you approach the Historic Hanover Square Business District from the North. Great Job Cassie! And THANK YOU So Much for your Time & Talent Cassie!


Genius of Youth

During tonight’s Jackals Game, I spotted these two little guys sitting a few rows above my shooting perch… they were totally absorbed in something….I just thought it was kinda cool!
What Hockey Game??? & In the last one, I can almost read his mind! “WTF?”

“Junior Jackals……Someday”

On Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Elmira Jackals early afternoon matinee game against Brampton, the Jackals Organization went out of their way to help Fan the Flames of Ambition and Aspiration in the Bodies, Hearts, Minds & Souls of these budding little, hopefully someday, NHL Super Stars! Great Job Boys!!!!


Weddings 101

Angela & Stephen – October 17, 2015
So here’s what happens when you are a Grade School Teacher, and you invite all the students in your class to your Wedding Ceremony!!!

“Blue Eyes”


Mommy’s Wedding Hugs

Sarah & Steve’s Wedding – August 15, 2015
framed-HUG 72

Christmas Cookie Monsters!

For the last couple of years right before Christmas,my 83 year old Mother-In-Law Dev invites the little neighbor kids over for “Cookie Time” as she calls it. They sit around the kitchen table and frost & decorate cookies that she had baked earlier in the day. Then they go out under the Christmas Tree and each get a gift. So this year I hid out with my camera to watch and capture a few of the magical moment’s  taking place during this sweet little tradition that the former grade school teacher has created for these sweet little kinds.




Flower Girl Astonishment…

Moment of Awe during Jenn & Kurt’s Saturday Ceremony @ The Esperanza Mansion on still frozen Keuka Lake.


First Arena Faces – 02/22/14 Gamenight

Lots of Faces in the crowd this Winter Saturday Jackals Gamenight….from Coach, to the Jackals Army, The Flagman, Dr. Jackal, Our Boys on the Ice, Zamboni Guys, Jackals Laundry Men, Blade, The Organ Donation Folks, Strobes & the Jersey Auction Crew, & finally Capt. Borb’s wishing his Biggest Little Fan a Happy Third Birthday…..and she says she’s sure that’s the reason why he scored the Hat Trick on Friday Night! Three Years, Three Goals…..Sounds Good to me! This Folks, is Elmira Jackals Hockey Night @ First Arena!

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