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Wagners Vineyard PhotoBombers

So Ashley, Paul & I are down in the vineyard shooting, when all of a sudden we get PhotoBombed by a few of the boys! Hilarious! “Now get the Hell out of here can’t ya see I’m trying to work!!!!”


My Bermuda, Interluda…

In between EVERYTHING else going on recently, I’m slowly digging into some of the images I captured during last months NYC – Bermuda vacation cruise. Here is the first batch of “Island Art” through my lens.
Also, I couldn’t repress the memories coming back to me, of a previous cruise journey that I set out on, way back in 1912. As those close to me know, I believe I was a passenger on the Titanic, and perished on that ill fated journey. Hence the couple of shipboard images that I tweaked from memory, to look vintage 1912. Enjoy!

Go Fly A Kite!

From Saturday’s Season Opening Wedding with Jenn & Kurt @ Esperanza Mansion…..I knew it was going to be cold and windy, and the 45 degree weather didn’t let us down! So just in case I brought along a Kite so we could take advantage of the gusty winds above still frozen in April, Keuka Lake. As my hero David Letterman always proudly proclaims ” There’s No Off-Position on the Genius Switch!”


Polar Vortex Fire & Ice

Made a Midnight Run tonight up to Seneca Lake with my buddy A.D. Wheeler to shoot the Northern Lights. Well, so much for the plans of mortal men! Once we got up there we found fully overcast skies just killing any chance at all to see this great celestial feast. So after sitting in the car and polishing off our DD hot chocolates, we walked out to the lake on the Clute Park Breakwater Wall, and we played around a little in the balmy 18 degree January morning glow at 1:00 A.M.  And ya know what? After looking more closely at these shots, maybe just maybe,  perhaps we did manage to capture some of that Aurora Borealis after all?
Kinda Kool, Huh? Had a lot of fun Andy, It was a real pleasure! 🙂


Winter Wonderland

I spent Sunday Afternoon with Rebecca & Francis capturing their Engagement shoot up at Taughannock Falls State Park just outside of Ithaca. It was  a Beautiful & Blowy Winter Afternoon, following our first major snowfall of the season. Great timing kids! Oh yeah,,,, I almost forgot to mention, that little Riley also had a fun time romping in the fresh fallen snow!

Geese….tastes like Chicken

When I got back to the Studio this afternoon I spotted this flock of Geese across the street in the remains of the old Chemung Canal behind the Village Fire Station. That REMINDS me! I gotta pick up a Chicken at Sam’s Club for Dinner tonight!!!




















Today I’m A…Fun-gi!

Just a few shots of some different Fungi that I found while walking around my back studio lot near the RR tracks. It’s amazing all the neat stuff that surrounds us on a daily basis  that usually goes unnoticed.
So now I’ve got a craving for a pepperoni & mushroom pizza! Who woulda guessed?





Spring 2013……Finally!

Sandy Arrives in Maple Grove…

Shot this at about 3:00 this afternoon as Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy really arrived in our area with heavy rain, and the  gusts of blowing winds kicking up leaves along the dirt paths of our local Village of Horseheads Burial Ground.

Fright Night Friday!

While at tonight’s Rehearsal Dinner (for my Cousin Sue’s Son Kyle & his Fiance’ Katie.) This combination Cold Front/Thunder Storm slowly moved through the area…..and for a few minutes I really was expecting to see either a Tornado Funnel, or one of those Gigantic Alien Space Ships from Independence Day,  drop out of this Monster in the September Sky! Luckily, just a lot of Rain & Early Darkness….at least for Horseheads, NY this Fall, Friday Evening!









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