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Fright Night Friday!

While at tonight’s Rehearsal Dinner (for my Cousin Sue’s Son Kyle & his Fiance’ Katie.) This combination Cold Front/Thunder Storm slowly moved through the area…..and for a few minutes I really was expecting to see either a Tornado Funnel, or one of those Gigantic Alien Space Ships from Independence Day,  drop out of this Monster in the September Sky! Luckily, just a lot of Rain & Early Darkness….at least for Horseheads, NY this Fall, Friday Evening!









Monument Valley Memories – 1998

Last week some photographer friends & I were chatting about shooting in “the West”,  and while moving some things around the Office this weekend, I stumbled upon a few prints that I shot on vacation in July 1998 while on a solitary, 3 mile trek through these awesome, desolate & very hot badlands! So Beautiful, So Hot, & So RED!!!!















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