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Another Wagner’s/Ginny Lee Winner!

From Ashley & Paul’s May 31, 2014 Wagner’s Vineyards Wedding…always a beautiful setting for a really great day, complete with loads & loads of beautiful, creative & fun images! By Me, and my partners for the day….my Great Wedding Couples along with their families and friends!!!


Guthrie Corning Hospital – The Future IS HERE!

Took the walking tour this afternoon of the brand new Guthrie Corning Hospital Campus, and let me just say this….IMPRESSIVE!
This Facility is so Futuristic & Hi-Tech, so Beautiful, so Top Shelf… ALMOST makes you want to be sick, so you can spend some time there. To all involved….. A JOB TREMENDOUSLY WELL DONE! A Great Addition & Asset to our local Medical Communnity.

It’s Really NOT all about Price Alone…

With the glut of newby photography amateurs out there, who buy a cheap digital camera & are immediately calling themselves a “Wedding Photographer” perhaps you had better look a little deeper into exactly who you may be hiring to capture one of the most important days of your life. Great article above.

And as Denis Reggie once said in a seminar that I attended (Denis is the BEST Wedding Photographer in the United States today)…  “Good is NEVER CHEAP…..and Cheap is NEVER GOOD”
Proven words to live by, especially with once in a lifetime moments in the balance….like YOUR WEDDING DAY PHOTOGRAPHY!
Don’t let an amateur wannabe ruin your big day.





Esperanza’s Ad…Not Bad!!!!!!

Was pleasantly surprised this afternoon to see one of my favorite shots from this spring made the cut & appeared in the new ad for the beautiful & elegant Esperanza Mansion up on the north end of Keuka Lake. Always makes me proud!


Zeigler Florist – A Taste of Spring!

Bringing a Little Spring to an eagerly awaiting region!
















Our Hometown Horseheads Florists, just around the corner through Hanover Square from  my 211 Studio, is owned & operated by my buddies Don & Paul Zeigler. Needless to say, they ALWAYS do Fantastic work, and are truly a pleasure to work with on each & every Wedding that we share.











Irish Sushi……Irishi?

From a quick shoot this weekend…. up at Elmira’s Beautiful Hill Top Inn.
“SUSHI” in Japanese = “Stove’s Broke”….Always Loved that one!
Bet you didn’t know that I spoke fluent Japanese, did ya Mike?


Pink In The Rink

ELMIRA, N.Y. – March 29, 2014
Here’s a couple of my favorite shots from last night’s “Pink in the Rink” Cancer Fighting themed night, all helping the Susan G. Komen  “Fight For The Cure”  cancer fighting crusade. The Elmira Jackals’ inaugural “Pink In the Rink” presented by Wine and Design, drew the largest crowd of the season with 3,995 in attendance at First Arena on Saturday night.


“The Diner” Couldn’t Be Finer!

Early this afternoon I had lunch with some family & friends just around the corner from the Studio. Actually, they had lunch & I had a great omelet breakfast at Horseheads’ newest old eatery, now known as “The Diner”.
In a past life,  this was formerly “Sullivan’s Diner” owned & operated by my lifelong friend Artie Sullivan’s Mom & Dad, Fran & Art Sullivan, who rescued it…the old “Vick’s Diner” from Madison Ave. in Downtown Elmira after the great flood of ’72. They lovingly filled many “Horseheadian’s” bellies for well over 30 years.
Recently though, the Diner was given a new life when it was purchased & completely & painstakingly renovated, modernized & updated, while still maintaining that original old time classic diner “feel”. The new owner is my friend & also my in-laws neighbor, Tom Witzel,  who also happens to be a die hard N.Y. Yankees fan. You would never guess that fact after seeing the new color scheme both inside with the new tile & countertops, & outside complete with reverse Yankee Blue Pinstriping on the fabric of the front awnings.
Anyways, the food was great! And even though Tom was filling in for an under the weather waitress, the service was great & friendly as well! Do yourself a favor and stop by sometime…. you’ll be glad you did!
In case anyone was wondering, that’s Sue & George Yamasaki sitting across the booth from me.

Home Again In Horseheads NY One Hundred Years Later

Here’s a neat story about another addition to my collection of “Treasures”.
Last month a family friend, Marcie Baer came up from her home in Maryland & spent the weekend. For a few years she had mentioned that she had a surprise for me, something that she had from a long time ago. She brought up with her an old piece of oak & glass furniture, an old retail umbrella sales & display case. It was in her Dad’s basement for many, many years until he died only a few years ago.
This case was manufactured by the Oscar Onken Company of Cincinnati, Ohio at the turn of the 20th century. Umbrellas were used a lot more back in those days, and were considered a vital and necessary part of every well dressed persons wardrobe. These cases were usually found in most clothing stores and haberdasheries. They were also commonly found in the general stores or local gathering places of smaller communities that sold tobacco, confections, newspapers, etc. So much for the description of what this piece was in it’s past life.
So Marcie knows I collect and appreciate historical items, and knowing that she did not have any practical use for this thing…it now became mine!
It was in terrible shape. It was watermarked, dirty, full of cobwebs, had 2 broken panels of glass. Despite all of this, I saw a real gem inside!
Over the past month, I cleaned it up, hand rubbed it all with Tung Oil, had the missing glass panels replaced, and in general brought this beauty back to life, as these images beautifully show. I actually use it now to hold the many umbrellas that I use here in my Studio. But the neatest thing about this whole story is that this case started out it’s life in the early 1900’s in one of those above mentioned little shops….a place called H.A. Messings – A store selling men’s furnishings – tobacco, magazines & books. It later was sold and changed names into Rudy Baer’s Corner, right on the corner here in Hanover Square, just two blocks away from where my Studio stands today, and where that case will now call home, at least until I retire!
Welcome home to an old friend, back home in Horseheads, NY…..where you began….where you belong!


Doctors Orders – Studio Rx

From a recent 211 Studio Session with a great local Physician.
I just love how these images from her shoot came out, and most importantly…..SO DID SHE!

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