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Brown Eyed Girl

Saturday’s Salon Start – Elyse & Matt – 07/18/15 – The Elmira Country Club

Fairway Fantasy

Katelyn & Adam – July 11, 2015 – Elmira Country Club


Cayuga Driftwood

Here’s a couple of my favorite shots from Stephanie & Jeff’s Great Wedding today up at Sheldrake Point & Trumansburg. The light was PERFECT! Sometimes Wedding Couples think that if the Wedding Day is not bright sunshine the pictures will come out poorly. Just the opposite is true. A nice cloud cover is the perfect softbox to provide nice, even lighting! Today was a Great Day for shooting and these are just the tip of the bounty! Beautiful people, great locations, fantastic interactions with family & friends……we were hitting on all cylinders today baby!!!


“Mr. Hollywood” & “Governor Bridgegate”

This weekend’s Wedding of Jillianne & Damen at the Elmira Country Club was a Star Studded Event for sure! The Grooms Dad, Ray, was a dead ringer for Hollywood Heartthrob George Clooney in 20 years. He also had a little Dick Van Dyke thrown in there, so for the rest of the weekend we settled on simply calling him “Mr. Hollywood” which he really ate up!!!
Then, we have the guest on the right, who was a dead ringer for NJ Governor Chris Christie! He even told me later in the evening that he was pulled over once by Pennsylvania State Troopers for speeding, and after they approached the car & he rolled  down his window & looked pissed off…..they both started stammering and apologized to the Governor for wasting his time with the mistaken traffic stop! He didn’t say a word & they never even asked for his license! LOL
I sure can pick those Celebrity Look-A-Likes! One of the fun parts of this job!

At The Kiddie Table

Fresh from Jillianne & Darens Wedding Rehearsal Dinner tonight at the Elmira Country Club…..I was a Bad Boy and sat at the Kiddie Table. But Ohhh, it did have it’s rewards with this view sitting across from me!!! The Mac-N-Cheeze Monster!


The Captain in Corning?

So what did YOU do on Sunday? I got up at 6:00 A.M…..why?
Did I share Lynn & Matt’s Wedding Day with Derek Jeter? ????

Katie & Joe – July 24, 2015

Today my Niece Katie takes that walk down the Wagner’s Winery Aisle to meet her Groom Joe.
Thursday Nights Rehearsal & Dinner was fun! CONGRATULATIONS & have a GREAT Wedding Day today!!!
BLUEMOVES even made the trip up to Lodi! She hasn’t been that far away from home in 25 years!
It’s funny…even now when I get behind that wheel..I still feel like that 18 year old kid who bought her, nearly 40 years ago!
Really “Cleaned the Pipes” if you know what I mean!



Cassie & Matt

Saturday June 20, 2015 – Glenora Wine Cellars – Dundee, NY

Wedding Day Flair of the Finger Lakes


Mazza’s Monsoon Memories!

As I work my way through all the Images of this Wedding (I’m getting there kids), where it just POURED ALL DAY LONG, I wanted to take a moment & post a few of these so that I might make our Bride Christine smile in knowing that we still managed to get some BEAUTIFUL Images! THANKING GOD (and John!) for the Wonderfully HUGE Porches on the Lovely John Joseph Inn in Lansing, NY! Those Porches proved to be our LIFEBOAT on that rainy Saturday afternoon!




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