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At The Kiddie Table

Fresh from Jillianne & Darens Wedding Rehearsal Dinner tonight at the Elmira Country Club…..I was a Bad Boy and sat at the Kiddie Table. But Ohhh, it did have it’s rewards with this view sitting across from me!!! The Mac-N-Cheeze Monster!


The Captain in Corning?

So what did YOU do on Sunday? I got up at 6:00 A.M…..why?
Did I share Lynn & Matt’s Wedding Day with Derek Jeter? ????

Katie & Joe – July 24, 2015

Today my Niece Katie takes that walk down the Wagner’s Winery Aisle to meet her Groom Joe.
Thursday Nights Rehearsal & Dinner was fun! CONGRATULATIONS & have a GREAT Wedding Day today!!!
BLUEMOVES even made the trip up to Lodi! She hasn’t been that far away from home in 25 years!
It’s funny…even now when I get behind that wheel..I still feel like that 18 year old kid who bought her, nearly 40 years ago!
Really “Cleaned the Pipes” if you know what I mean!



Cassie & Matt

Saturday June 20, 2015 – Glenora Wine Cellars – Dundee, NY

Wedding Day Flair of the Finger Lakes


Mazza’s Monsoon Memories!

As I work my way through all the Images of this Wedding (I’m getting there kids), where it just POURED ALL DAY LONG, I wanted to take a moment & post a few of these so that I might make our Bride Christine smile in knowing that we still managed to get some BEAUTIFUL Images! THANKING GOD (and John!) for the Wonderfully HUGE Porches on the Lovely John Joseph Inn in Lansing, NY! Those Porches proved to be our LIFEBOAT on that rainy Saturday afternoon!




Celebrity Look-A-Like – Food Fight! John Belushi

A few weeks ago I ran into this fine chap at my buddy Matt Hufnagels Wedding….story is they either grew up, or went to College together. I swear to God, as soon as I saw him all I could think of was Belushi. So of course, being shy as I am, I introduced myself, started chatting and got around to the Belushi thing, and yes…he’s heard it a MILLION TIMES of course!
Mr. Blutoski….in person! Very Hilarious too!
“Over? Over?…Who said it’s over? Was it Over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?”

In The Trenches…..Getting Down & Dirty!

Nick & Regina in a fun Garter & Bouquet scene from yesterday’s Wedding Reception of Katelyn & Adam @ The Elmira Country Club. As shown, I will spare no effort, and  will get Down & Dirty if I have to in order to secure the Perfect Shot!! Thanks Kids! You were ALL GREAT & I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!!

A Little Bit Country

Ashley & Ridge – June 6, 2015 – Wagner Vineyards

“Trust Me Boys…Just Trust Me!”

So it’s Cassie & my old buddy Matt’s Wedding Day.

I’m shooting the ladies through the early afternoon as they are getting ready at a local winery, and I have to meet Matt & his guys down in Downtown Watkins Glen on The Pier @ 2:30 to do our shots of the guys along the Watkins Harbor. I’m halfway there when Matt calls me and says “Watkins is just Nuts!” It’s the Cardboard Boat Regatta in full force, and traffic is barely moving. Parking spots? Good luck there! People ALL OVER EVERYWHERE! Our Pier idea is toast. OK……so this is where I’m Really, Really Good! Improvising! Creating Something out of Nothing!

As I’m driving, I remember that I just passed this great old, beat to hell cottage/farmhouse that I have passed a million times while heading up the lake to other Weddings. So I tell Matt to meet me there with the guys, and we’ll do our shoot right there. So the Boys arrive, and while getting out of their cars they all give me “THE LOOK”. I’ve seen it a Million times! Whenever I take clients to spots that I just know will be killer backgrounds, they ALWAYS give me this “LOOK” of total disbelief! “WTH are we going to do here” they always ask? This time they were also worried that the place was going to collapse on all of us! “So when exactly did the Beverly Hillbillies move out?” someone asked…lol and I’m chuckling all the while.

“Trust Me Boys! Just Trust Me!”….when you finally see what I’m creating here….you’ll ALL be telling me what a Camera God I TRULY AM! Like my hero David Letterman always says…..”There’s NO OFF POSITION on the GENIUS SWITCH!”
So Gentlemen……….What do you think now?
You’re Welcome!!!!

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