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Can’t quite put my FINGER on where I’ve seen this one before? It just BEATLES Me!

From Mary-Beth & Malcolm’s Seneca Falls Wild Wedding Weekend in mid August 2017.
Hey Ray! This one is for you Buddy.. Happy Birthday too!
(SHOOTER’S NOTE: Man, you don’t even begin to come close to realizing just how busy certain Downtown Intersections can be, TILL you try shooting in a LIVE one!!!!)

Destiny T-Rumped

Having a little fun back at the 211 Studio with a really YUUUUGE Fan!

Donald Trump 's distinctively coiffured hair sparks Social Networks to find the animals that look like the US Presidential hopeful. Cat owners brush their feline's hair forward or sometimes add fur to resemble the mighty republican's comb-over - other animals need no help, looking uncannily like the out-spoken New Yorker. / Source: INTERNET

Bombs Away! – The American Bombshells Take Flight

What a great way to get warmed up for my November 14th gig with 55 local Heroes, when we all fly down to Washington to take these boys on what most likely will be their last visit to the monuments honoring their heroic service to our country. Tonight’s fundraiser at the Horseheads Legion was highlighted by the incredible “American Bombshells” Singing Troupe out of Brooklyn, NYC. These three gals were a great treat to our senses of both sight & sound! They sure did make those nicely tailored ’40’s Military Costumes look mighty fine indeed, and their singing wasn’t bad either! But the thing that far surpassed both their visual and audio effect on everyone, was their genuine care for, respect and affection that they all showed while meeting and chatting with these grizzled old Veterans between their sets and after the show. They laughed, and chatted, and smiled with these guys, and I’m certain that by simply doing so, brought so many of these old boys back to life again tonight, when they felt once again like they did when they were young and in their prime, fighting for our country in some far away land! Prime Time!

“Mr. Hollywood” & “Governor Bridgegate”

This weekend’s Wedding of Jillianne & Damen at the Elmira Country Club was a Star Studded Event for sure! The Grooms Dad, Ray, was a dead ringer for Hollywood Heartthrob George Clooney in 20 years. He also had a little Dick Van Dyke thrown in there, so for the rest of the weekend we settled on simply calling him “Mr. Hollywood” which he really ate up!!!
Then, we have the guest on the right, who was a dead ringer for NJ Governor Chris Christie! He even told me later in the evening that he was pulled over once by Pennsylvania State Troopers for speeding, and after they approached the car & he rolled  down his window & looked pissed off…..they both started stammering and apologized to the Governor for wasting his time with the mistaken traffic stop! He didn’t say a word & they never even asked for his license! LOL
I sure can pick those Celebrity Look-A-Likes! One of the fun parts of this job!

The Captain in Corning?

So what did YOU do on Sunday? I got up at 6:00 A.M…..why?
Did I share Lynn & Matt’s Wedding Day with Derek Jeter? ????

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Food Fight! John Belushi

A few weeks ago I ran into this fine chap at my buddy Matt Hufnagels Wedding….story is they either grew up, or went to College together. I swear to God, as soon as I saw him all I could think of was Belushi. So of course, being shy as I am, I introduced myself, started chatting and got around to the Belushi thing, and yes…he’s heard it a MILLION TIMES of course!
Mr. Blutoski….in person! Very Hilarious too!
“Over? Over?…Who said it’s over? Was it Over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?”


Last weekend while I was shooting Matt & Lydia’s Wedding I scoped out this GREAT old building that I wanted to shoot Matt & his Best Man Brad at, so as I got there first and they were walking down the road towards me, I started to laugh my ass off, because this is all I could think of! I told them of my Vision, and said “Just wait till you see this & you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!” I’ll let you be he judge!
I’m STILL Laughing!

From “CHEERS” to Root Beers?

A scene from last night’s Wagner Vineyards Wedding Reception of Lydia & Mark, while one of he crew was dishing up delicious Wagner Root Beer Floats!  She insisted that her name was Olivia, but we all know that she was really Kirstie Alley, less her Vulcan Star Trek ears! These Celebrities….always trying to go incognito on us!
So whadaya think????

Bye Bye B.B.

I shot B.B. King, Live in Concert – Clemens Center – Elmira, NY  01/31/98
A Legend….May you & “Lucille” Rest In Peace…
I still remember this shoot, I shot it for the old Chemung Valley Reporter in Horseheads, and B.B.s folks would only let the Press shoot from behind the Audience Seats, way up at that back wall. So for that reason….being a MILLION Miles away, Plus still using FILM (anyone remember what that was?) These aren’t as great as I would have wished for…but hey….I got to shoot the Blues Master Himself! And the even bigger miracle here? My being able to fairly easily find these negatives!!! OCD has it’s rewards I guess!

“Are You Guys Brothers?”








It’s just a simple fact, that anyone, who knows anything at all about ice hockey knows about “The Hanson Brothers”, the legendary Triplets in the ’70’s Cult Classic movie “SLAPSHOT” with Paul Newman. That movie is one of my all time top ten favorite films I’ve ever seen.  That all being said, back when I was the Sports Photographer for Elmira College, a few years before the Jackals came into existence, the son of Steve Carlson one of the Hanson Brothers, actually was a student at Elmira College and played on the EC Mens Varsity Hockey team for the couple of years while I was shooting there. Anyway, to make a long story short, he got me an autographed 8×10 of his Dad & his Uncles, the Hansons, and all three of these Living Legends hand signed it! Needless to say, the photo holds a special place in my heart and hangs proudly in my Personal Office here at the Studio!
So I was quite pleased when I noticed last nights starting Evansville Goaltender #41 Branden Komm, had some VERY interesting airbrushed artwork on his mask, namely the Hanson’s. Two of the boys are on one side of the mask, and the third one is on the other side. So I tracked him down before the start of tonight’s game and got a few shots of these historic Ice Legends that are now gracing his Mask! I just thought it was pretty neat!
“We’re Puttin’ on the Foil, ….. Want Some Coach?”



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