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Selections from today’s fun outdoors Senior Shoot with my Buddy Billy’s “little girl”.
You did a nice job Domi!

Fill ‘Er Up Boys…

After a Wedding when I get back to the Studio, I’m always excited to dump the days files and see what I shot. Usually I already have an idea where some favorites will lie and that was so much the case tonight after Katie & Jon’s  great Wedding. I’ve seen this run-down dump many times in my visits to Watkins Glen and often thought it had a great look to it, especially for my style of shooting. Well today I had my chance to give it a try and it did not let me down! Jon & his “Grease Monkey Gang” really nailed it!  DING… DING….FILL’ER UP BOYS!


Takin’ The Dive!

Just yesterday was the GREAT Wedding & Reception of Molly & Zach at the beautiful  Icelandic Winds Farm up in the hills of Addison, NY . Molly’s folks live there on this beautiful property, and earlier in the week, we did something really cool that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now! They have the really great Pond you see….and I’ve always wanted to do the Bride & Groom Plunge thing….well last Wednesday I fulfilled that desire! With the help of  a Wedding Dress from “Sal’s Boutique”, and two of my fellow Photographer Buddies, Mike Kohberger & Corey Bernas lending a few extra hands on reverse angle camera shots ….well, check these shots out! Pretty Damn Neat!!!!







“Bowl Much?”

Isn’t it funny how things just seem to happen for a reason? I had this past Saturday off without a Wedding Shoot, and that’s not too common an occurrence during the middle of July. But as fate would have it that worked out for the best, as last week an old Fire Department Buddy of mine passed away after a long illness. Thomas Lynch was his name……Tommy to his friends….he owned and ran Hibbard’s Hardware in Hanover Square when we were all growing up. So it was the middle of the week when my good friend HFD Chief Artie Sullivan asked if I was available on Saturday, and if I could shoot Tommy’s Funeral services, that would be held at the Station right across the street from my Studio…and as luck would have it I could.

Tommy  was 74 years old, and a Volunteer for 51 years with our Horseheads Fire Department, and back in the ’70’s when I was also a HFD member, I got to share some fun times with Tommy on the Softball Field and also in the local  Bowling Alleys. He and I, we both bowled a lot and we prided ourselves on being(or at least thinking) that we were pretty good……. so that being said we always joked around with each other….whenever one of us was really sucking up the alleys by having a bad night, missed an easy shot, left a split, or especially if we sucked while out of town at a Fire Department Tournament, we always had  something special to yell at each other, right at that moment when we were so pissed that we either blew an easy shot, or just threw a terrible ball….we’d always yell….”BOWL MUCH?”  , and then bust out laughing! Tommy was the first of my teammates on our old softball team to pass away.
Rest In Peace my friend….and every time I’ll hear the thunder from now on, I’ll think of you and quietly mouth the words while asking that time tested question …..“Bowl Much?”


This Guy……………………. Bringin’ ‘Merica….& a Beer!

So, there we were at yesterday’s  great Wedding of Rita & Seth at the beautiful Belhurst Castle  in Geneva, NY. After the ceremony, we’re doing the family shots out by the lake, and as things are winding down, & just when we need him… comes THIS GUY!  Afghanistan-U.S. Army Veteran Mike…..U.S. Flag & all!  C’Mon fellow Wedding Shooters……you KNOW who I mean! THAT GUY, who simply by his exploding presence, just by his simply being there brightens up the whole damn affair and kicks us all up a gear or two! So with a great new & meaningful prop, our military bridal party full of Iraq & Afghanistan Vets, REALLY shows us how to get it done!!!
And after the shoot was done, I swear I last saw our Beach Boy Mike, looking for his Seneca Lake Surf Board!

Superhero Saturday!

So what did you do on Saturday Afternoon?
I spent mine with a bunch of Superheroes up at Sullivan’s Monument! Psst: That’s where their SECRET base is located!


Four Years Ago Today…

I just realized after glancing at the Calendar that it was four years ago yesterday & today that Shelly & I  were honored to be guests at The White House while shooting my most incredible Engagement Session ever! To roam the halls of the White House while shooting Mary & David……the feeling just can’t be explained! Then to top that, we received an Invitation to the Formal Welcoming Ceremonies for the Mexican President, all being held the next day out on the White House South Lawn. Never in a Million Years would I have ever dreamed I’d have this chance to shoot at the most famous residence in the world! 🙂
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For my buddy Tony….R.I.P. Katie

Anchors Away…

This afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet & shoot a military long timer @ the 211 Studio. Bert J. Olechnowicz – 3rd Assistant Engineer – U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command…..Bert’s back home in Binghamton, NY for a short but well deserved break between deployments in the Middle East. He says he’s heading back in a few weeks for his 5th deployment. Thanks Bert, for all you do to keep us all safe!
And to the rest of you Active Duty Military people out there….contact me while you are home on leave, and as my sincere Thanks to you for your service to all of us….I’ll shoot you for FREE! & you don’t even have to duck!!!!

Daddy’s Dance

Jenny & Jim light up the crowd at the Esperanza, in my first Spring 2014 Wedding of the new Season!


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