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I’ll Be Waiting….

Memorial Day, what a perfect day to post a few personal favorites from this weekend’s moving Return of the Red Tails event honoring the Heroic Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. As the Event Photographer I had the honor to spend the day amongst these hero’s, and also with one of the only two remaining P-51 Fighters that are still flying today.  It was a true honor. My thanks to all the Period Re-En actors featured in these great shots… our Fly-Boy Calvin, and the lovely, vintage Miss Racquel, who looks like she just stepped out of Hollywood in the ’40’s. Great Job you two!


Four Years Ago Today…

I just realized after glancing at the Calendar that it was four years ago yesterday & today that Shelly & I  were honored to be guests at The White House while shooting my most incredible Engagement Session ever! To roam the halls of the White House while shooting Mary & David……the feeling just can’t be explained! Then to top that, we received an Invitation to the Formal Welcoming Ceremonies for the Mexican President, all being held the next day out on the White House South Lawn. Never in a Million Years would I have ever dreamed I’d have this chance to shoot at the most famous residence in the world! 🙂
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For my buddy Tony….R.I.P. Katie

Anchors Away…

This afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet & shoot a military long timer @ the 211 Studio. Bert J. Olechnowicz – 3rd Assistant Engineer – U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command…..Bert’s back home in Binghamton, NY for a short but well deserved break between deployments in the Middle East. He says he’s heading back in a few weeks for his 5th deployment. Thanks Bert, for all you do to keep us all safe!
And to the rest of you Active Duty Military people out there….contact me while you are home on leave, and as my sincere Thanks to you for your service to all of us….I’ll shoot you for FREE! & you don’t even have to duck!!!!

Daddy’s Dance

Jenny & Jim light up the crowd at the Esperanza, in my first Spring 2014 Wedding of the new Season!


Flyin’ Flower Fun!

TOMS-2412 copyFULLFRAMEOver the course of any single Wedding Season, I shoot so may images one weekend Wedding  after the next, that sometimes I loose track of how many really, really great moments I actually capture for my Wedding Couples.That all being said, just over the past couple of days while in the process of pulling images & building an album for one of my couples, I was reminded of this fantastic, capture THE moment shot from Sarah & Jarret’s September 2013 Wedding overlooking Seneca Lake. Is this a GREAT MOMENT captured, or what ?

Go Fly A Kite!

From Saturday’s Season Opening Wedding with Jenn & Kurt @ Esperanza Mansion…..I knew it was going to be cold and windy, and the 45 degree weather didn’t let us down! So just in case I brought along a Kite so we could take advantage of the gusty winds above still frozen in April, Keuka Lake. As my hero David Letterman always proudly proclaims ” There’s No Off-Position on the Genius Switch!”


Flower Girl Astonishment…

Moment of Awe during Jenn & Kurt’s Saturday Ceremony @ The Esperanza Mansion on still frozen Keuka Lake.


Zeigler Florist – A Taste of Spring!

Bringing a Little Spring to an eagerly awaiting region!
















Our Hometown Horseheads Florists, just around the corner through Hanover Square from  my 211 Studio, is owned & operated by my buddies Don & Paul Zeigler. Needless to say, they ALWAYS do Fantastic work, and are truly a pleasure to work with on each & every Wedding that we share.











Irish Sushi……Irishi?

From a quick shoot this weekend…. up at Elmira’s Beautiful Hill Top Inn.
“SUSHI” in Japanese = “Stove’s Broke”….Always Loved that one!
Bet you didn’t know that I spoke fluent Japanese, did ya Mike?


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