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Fun in the Fall with Katie & Jon

Spent a Brilliant Sunday afternoon on the EC Campus with Katie & Jon, almost a year ahead of their 2014 Fall Wedding. We had some laughs while getting to know each other, and we got some nice images along the way too. Can’t wait to see you two next September!

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I was born at Night, but not Last Night!

This little guy certainly had a lot to say during a recent 211 Studio Session!!!
Baby talk translated….”Let’s lose the Cold Fish, and get me out of this Stupid Basket!!”

Air Supply – 10/17/13 First Arena

Some great shots from tonight’s fun show @ First Arena, Elmira, NY
One of the Guitarists had a little Jimi Hendrix going tonight too! I wonder if he knew that “The Legend” was Alive & Well and just outside these very Arena doors, Regularly Roaming the Streets of Downtown Elmira???

Three More Seasons…13 + 3

Last week I finalized my new Contractual Agreements with THE NEW ELMIRA JACKALS Professional Ice Hockey Club, signing up for another THREE Seasons as their Official Professional Team Photographer. This 2013-2014 will be #14 for me, and I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun once again with this years team. Hopefully, just like the Good Ole’ Days! So anyways…’s a couple shots of my set-up for today’s Staff Shoot, deep in the bowels of a Sparkling Clean & Painted First Arena! See you all on Home Opening Night 2013…Friday October 25! First Arena – Elmira, NY.



Fall Fun in the Finger Lakes!

Hey Holly & Chris, I’m about 1/3 of the way through your Sunday Sunflowers & Seneca Lake Engagement Shoot, and these four shots, well, I just love so I wanted to give you a bit of a preview before I get through all of them. I can’t wait to see what other great moments we captured that afternoon! Enjoy…. Lots more to come very soon, I’m sure!

Here is the link to the Full Gallery: password required


“Beat It!”

A while back I bought a case of these cheap, white cloth gloves on Ebay, and I always keep a few pair of them in one of the many cases that I always have with me at Wedding Receptions. During the course of the day and especially into the reception & on the dance floor, I always try to scope out “THAT ONE” particular Guest who through his or her actions just catches my eye, and who I just know are going to be photographically “interesting” throughout the night. Then I wait for the first playing of the Michael Jackson ‘s  “Beat It” or “Billie Jean” are always KILLER! So it’s then that I pop out onto the dance floor and pull out one of those gloves and wave it in front of my victim, and they ALWAYS go nuts! They can’t get that glove on fast enough, and well…the results speak for themselves!  The thing that always amazes me, and that’s how fast they always master that “crotch grab” move, lol ! Beat It!


“Big Dipper Delight”

Today’s Wedding of Sarah & Jarrett that took place at Seneca Springs Resort was my first visit to that great venue, and what a time we all had. As the night wore on, I set up my gear to get a shot across the pond and to catch some of the beautiful starlight in the skies tonight. The shots came out looking great, and then suddenly I realized that a little bit of luck never hurts either! I never even noticed while setting up the shot, that the Big Dipper was directly front & center in the image I was creating. Straight out of the camera….with no additional retouching…Now how cool is that?


Doctors Orders – Studio Rx

From a recent 211 Studio Session with a great local Physician.
I just love how these images from her shoot came out, and most importantly…..SO DID SHE!

Frame From The Fog

All day today I had the pleasure to shoot & chronicle the delivery, installation & final mounting and presentation of a remarkably beautifully piece of art at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, NY. This great painting, Mt. Whitney, painted by Albert Bierstadt,  got a brand new custom made, period accurate frame that reflects the period accurate style & grandeur of the 1860’s- 1870’s when this painting was created. A group of talented Framing Artisians from Manhattan NYC, who themselves hand crafted this one of a kind $70,000 Masterpiece Frame, were on hand to handle the painstaking set-up, fitting and installation of this remarkable piece of art. It was a very interesting day watching this collaboration all come together! A job well done by everyone involved!
PS: After looking at that next to last image of all the guys raising that painting up on the wall….the way some of them have their hands and arms outstretched reminds me of the famous flag raising shot from Iwo Jima in World War II.



“Who Talked Me Into This Anyway?”


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