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Frogs on the Wall

I was out watering the pompous grass in front of the Office Sunday afternoon & I thought I saw something weird. Upon further inspection I saw that I had a little toad attached about four feet off the ground, to the cinder block wall of the 211 Studio. Must be he just wanted to “hang out” in the shade with all the Pink Flamingos!!!! I never even disturbed his nap!

RB1_7468ADJ  …..& some totally useless information from my buddy Donny Blide,  renowned Frog Expert!
Nice pic. It’s not a toad like u described in the blog. It’s a green or gray tree frog. Can’t remember which. They have suction cups on their toes and can walk up a glass window. I guarantee, even though you may have never seen one, you have heard them. I’ll send u a link when I get home. I fine like one or two per summer….I kept one for a summer. They are amazing for the fact that they can be frozen solid for days on end with no I’ll effect!”



From the Saturday July 13, 2013 Roller Derby match up at First Arena – Elmira, NY





My Wedding with Angelina…

From Lydia & Shawn’s June 15 Heron Hill / Keuka Lake Wedding. You just never know who may be in the Wedding, until you meet all of the girls Saturday morning at the Hair Salon!

All I could say was……”Holy Pitt!”


“Let’s Give Cancer The Boot!”

A few favorites from tonight’s volunteer gig, my fourth or fifth already,  as Official Event Photographer for the 2013 North Chemung County American Cancer Society Relay For Life event at Thorne Street Park in Horseheads, NY.
Great People, Great Time, Great Cause!


Father’s Day Memories

I spent late this afternoon at Eldridge Park with Tara & Mark, one of my couples whose Wedding I shared last October. Today we were joined by their boys Angel and little Sebastian, who hopefully & at the same time unwittingly created some magical Father’s Day memories for recall later on in their lives…..of that special Father’s Day, that day when they shared their very first spin on the Eldridge Park Carousel with Mom & Dad.

PS: Note to Photographers:  Always come to your shoot armed with Tootsie-Pops, they work great for bribing reluctant portrait subjects, and as you can see in the last image,  the associated sugar high really got this little Angel flying!!! Not to mention his making a great new friend with his best new buddy with all the Tootsie Pops….. Mr. Photographer!!!! 🙂


Lydia & Shawn….Today is Your BIG DAY!

See you both in a couple of hours kids!

Tonight’s Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Just got back from Heron Hill Hammondsport & this weekend’s Wedding Rehearsal of Lydia & Shawn of Hill Top Inn fame…. and just couldn’t wait to post tonight’s Celebrity Look-A-Likes ….a couple of real dead ringers too if you ask me!
First off….the 39th President of the United States…Jimmy Carter! Welcome to the Finger Lakes Mr. President!
Also in attendance, of History Channel/American Picker fame, “The Bundler” himself,  Frank Fritz.

So whadaya think? Can ya see it folks?


Geese….tastes like Chicken

When I got back to the Studio this afternoon I spotted this flock of Geese across the street in the remains of the old Chemung Canal behind the Village Fire Station. That REMINDS me! I gotta pick up a Chicken at Sam’s Club for Dinner tonight!!!




















Today I’m A…Fun-gi!

Just a few shots of some different Fungi that I found while walking around my back studio lot near the RR tracks. It’s amazing all the neat stuff that surrounds us on a daily basis  that usually goes unnoticed.
So now I’ve got a craving for a pepperoni & mushroom pizza! Who woulda guessed?





Only Nikon Glass for this Guy…

I noticed something pretty remarkable when I was editing my last Wedding. In these shots that we captured after the ceremony Laura, Mark & I must have been a couple hundred yards away from the crashing waters at the base of Taughannock Falls. Because of the strong winds swirling around in the canyon, here as well as during the actual Ceremony, we kept getting sprayed & chilled despite being so far away. I was amazed at how clearly the great glass in my Nikon Lens was able to catch those tiny droplets in mid air, to the point where they don’t even look like droplets anymore, but more like little threads of light dancing around in mid air… like little light meteors! Pretty cool! Check out both images by clicking on them, the first is the original image to give you an idea of our overall location, and the second is the close up of the same shot. Of course my D3s Camera Body, the settings, and the photographers steady hand had a bit more to also contribute too, but I doubt I could have captured such great detail it if I were using some of the cheaper, lower quality brand, knock-off lenses that are out there and that used too frequently by other shooters. Even though Nikon’s cost substantially more, they are worth it without a doubt. ALL of my lenses are Nikon Lenses. I wouldn’t trust anything else to capture my work. I really wanted to share this one with you.










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