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Fun @ The Falls…Balloons Too!

Some of my favorites from this very unique Wedding ceremony of Laura & Mark, that was held on a beautiful April morning at the very base of the mighty Taughannock Falls in Trumansburg, NY.

The “Lambs” were Screaming…..

Upon arriving at the Studio today, I was greeted by this beauty laying at my front door. Must be it couldn’t handle THE SNOW? I’m expecting a knock at my door any moment to find Jamie Gumb, looking for one of his “babies”…..”“it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”. …..

The Pack Horse Unveiling

Horseheads’ Military Pack Horse Finally Comes Home

Earlier this afternoon just down the street from my 211 Studio & in front of the Horseheads Village Hall, I found all the Village Chain Gang Crew preparing for tomorrow’s unveiling of Horseheads’ newest monument to our past…. a bronze, life-sized 400+ lb. Military Pack Horse Statue.  My buddy Mikie Burke was even giving the Horse a “Horsicure?” with his grinder, just prior to it’s being carried over & set on it’s final place of honor. Horseheads is the first & only Village & Town in the United States dedicated to the service of the Military Pack Horse. Try to find time on your Saturday schedules to come to the formal dedication tomorrow, May 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM at the Horseheads Village Hall on South Main Street.

Looking at the first image… kinda reminds me of the last time I saw a horse that rigid, stiff & stretched out like that….was in Dean Wormer’s Office  @ Faber College, in that classic scene from Animal House!






My Best Little Buddy

On tonight’s walk through the swamp across the street, I noticed that our favorite bush was really blooming, so out came the Nikon for a few quick shots of my little girl Chloe, who will be 13 in October.

Trisha & Chris’s Romantic Rochester Rendezvous

Occasionally while editing a Wedding and going through the thousands of images, I feel my ability to really appreciate how special some of the moments are just seems to fade a bit, I guess I just get numb to them all, to everything that I captured, along with my Bride and Groom on their very special day. Then, all of a sudden one of those shots just hits me, and brings me back to truly seeing the absolute beauty in that image, in that eternal moment that we created together. THAT happened a few times tonight as I drew close to finishing up Trisha & Chris’s April 13th Wedding.
This Wedding also had a very, very special meaning to me, in that I personally know Trisha, because I have been lifelong friends with her Dad Artie….Hell, we go all the way back to Grade School together @ St. Mary’s and from there, right through our days in the Fire Department…with our Hot Cars, those Softball & Bowling Teams, our own Weddings, Trisha & Michelle’s Births, and now this very Happy Weekend, only to be duplicated this coming July when once again, I have the honor to capture this time, Michelle & Ryan’s summer Wedding. Shooting every Wedding is always very special for me, but when lifelong friends are involved, well, it just gets that much better.
Anyway, Trisha and Chris….here’s a tiny preview of what you’ve got in store…..these are a few of my absolute favorites that I’ve gone through so far…. the ones that made me stop, look, and FEEL those moments, all over again.

I’ll have your full Wedding Gallery up by the 20th as promised. Till then, enjoy you two! Rick

Spring 2013……Finally!

Satisfied Customer…..Again!

“Hi Rick,
The pictures are perfect…thank you!  Katelyn had a wonderful time during the photo shoot and I really appreciated your willingness to take the time for outfit changes, we never felt rushed.  More importantly you encouraged her to have fun, express her own idea, these are some of my favorite pictures.  The pictures are beautiful and I can not wait to display them.
Karry D  ”

Never in a Rush…….. Just Be Yourself….. and Let’s Have Some Fun!  That’s always my game plan, & it Just Works!
Call me to set up YOUR personal Portrait session!  Rick

“The Kingmaker”

I’m known (at least to myself!) as, The Kingmaker!
I have the unbelievable distinction of having EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL CANDIDATE that I have ever had the pleasure to shoot their Portrait, WIN their respective elections! EVERY ONE! From nationally known… NYS Senator Hillary Clinton & NY Governor Eliott Spitzer, to many local Judges, Mayors, State & U.S. Congressmen, a State Senator, local D.A.’s. And I even shot some great candids of President Obama & Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the White House in May 2010. One of the coolest days of my life I might add!
Not Bad at all!  Perhaps you should have given me a call there….. Mitt!

So step right up Rodney, & keep “The Kingmaker’s” winning streak going…….Here’s your next winner folks!













Jenn & Jen in Jan

The 2013 New Year started off with a bang for me this January weekend, with the Binghamton, NY Wedding of Jenn & Jen. I had an absolute ball with these two fun ladies and all of their family & friends, and I think they felt the same way! Ladies, I’ll say it now, but for a number of reasons not to mention the fact that this was the first time that I saw the Bride get “Forked” while getting dressed 🙂  but your Wedding will rank as one of my Top Twenty Favorite Weddings, out of the 650 plus that I have captured so far! Thanks for letting me be a part of your very special, happy, Loving Day!



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