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Oh Christmas Tree! Santa…….. all I Need is MORE ROOM!

My wife says I’m kinda a Scrooge around the Holidays, but I’ve been trying to work on that lately, especially around the Studio & Office. I always hated the set-up & tear down with the tree, because I really have a TON of nice glass ornaments, porcelain ornaments, and just a lot of really neat & meaningful pieces that I have collected over the years. So a few years ago I came up with this total brainstorm…..I had this low cart built on a sheet of aluminum, with wheels, & mounted the tree base, and now all I have to do is unplug it,  throw a large plastic bag over the tree along with a couple of big tarps….and just roll it out to an unused corner of the shooting Studio. What a time saver! The last few years I’ve especially looked forward to going to Kohls late in the Christmas Season, as they always seem to have really nice pieces on sale for like 60%-80% off. The only problem I have now is that I’ve got no more room to hang anything! The damn tree is absolutely PACKED! But I still find a way every year to add a few…& yesterday I somehow managed to get 5 more on, including an official Christmas Vacation talking Moose Mug! “That there’s an RV Clark!”

“Downing’s Downer” Tonight’s Hockey Headache Highlights

Lucky for me, I found myself behind the Reading goal during tonight’s First Period, … Jackals Forward Jack Downing #25 rushes the puck into the Reading zone and cuts toward the net…Reading Defenseman trips him up from behind and sends him flying just as he’s letting go a shot. Jacks momentum takes him flying toward the goal,  as Reading Goaltender Philipp Grubauer #30 instinctively moves out of the way. Unfortunately for Jack, he hits the upright so hard,  head on with his helmet/visor, that he dislodges the goal from the anchoring pegs. Blood on the ice from a nasty gash on the forehead, and after help off the ice & a check up by the team Doc’s. & Jack returned to the ice later in the game. A very close call…












The 211 Studio Flamingoville Wreath

Since it’s December 8th and almost SIXTY DEGREES out….I thought….what better day to get the Holidays Flamingo out & proudly hang where her fair weather relatives spend their summers!!!!

“Mister Dead”

Last months Cornell University Wedding Bride & Groom, Jessica & Joe, are a couple of Cornell Veterinary School Graduates. So after the Ceremony on that cold,  snowy & blowy afternoon we made a quick visit to the beautiful Veterinary Sciences Facility, and once inside I was able to add one more very unique way of shooting a Bridal Party, to my already long list of prior experiences…….this time while posing with a complete Horse Skeleton!

THEN to top things off right before we were ready to leave…… It looks like Joe LOST THE CAR KEYS!!!

“Musical Chairs”

Facilities Coordinator Janelle Hanson & her son in the Sage Chapel choir loft, during a recent Wedding Ceremony shoot at Cornell University’s Sage Chapel – Ithaca, NY

Purple Daze

This past week I just finished updating the 211 Studio with a colorful new look! Highlighted the Front Entry with a neat “Boysenberry Jam” Purple Color that replaced the old boring, dark grey. I just HATE painting the same color, and when you are done nobody even notices that you have just re-painted! THEY’LL NOTICE THIS!

Also, a couple shots of a recently completed winter project of mine that is now proudly hanging on my building as you approach the front doorway alcove. I dis-assembled, sandblasted, primed, painted, polished & completely restored an old, vintage 1930’s cast iron Fire Alarm Pull Box Station & accompanying Bell Assembly.

PS: It’s OFFICIALLY SUMMER NOW, as the Flamingos are once again on duty!



















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