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“Downing’s Downer” Tonight’s Hockey Headache Highlights

Lucky for me, I found myself behind the Reading goal during tonight’s First Period, … Jackals Forward Jack Downing #25 rushes the puck into the Reading zone and cuts toward the net…Reading Defenseman trips him up from behind and sends him flying just as he’s letting go a shot. Jacks momentum takes him flying toward the goal,  as Reading Goaltender Philipp Grubauer #30 instinctively moves out of the way. Unfortunately for Jack, he hits the upright so hard,  head on with his helmet/visor, that he dislodges the goal from the anchoring pegs. Blood on the ice from a nasty gash on the forehead, and after help off the ice & a check up by the team Doc’s. & Jack returned to the ice later in the game. A very close call…













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