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Faces of the Game…

Something a little different from tonight’s Jackals game. A look into some of the faces on stage here tonight, on Blade’s 14th  Birthday!




















New Faces in Town, & a Familiar One Too!

Shot Portraits of some of the newer Elmira Jackals acquisitions this cold afternoon at the 211 Studio, and also caught up with an old friend. Well, seeing that we’re only 3 years apart in age, I guess he’s really not that old! See everyone this three game weekend vs. The Fort Wayne Komets @ First Arena.

Glenn Thomaris - Asst. Coach

Glenn Thomaris – Asst. Coach

Neil Conway - Goal

Neil Conway – Goal

Jakub Culek - Forward

Jakub Culek – Forward

Andrew Harrison - Forward

Andrew Harrison – Forward

Maxim Lamarche - Defense

Maxim Lamarche – Defense

Nik, Pokulok - Defense

Nik Pokulok – Defense

Troy Rutkowski - Defense

Troy Rutkowski – Defense

Russ Stein - Goal

Russ Stein – Goal

Jake Trask - Center

Jake Trask – Center

Mike Vaskivuo - Forward

Mike Vaskivuo – Forward

Smokin’ Ice!

A few shots of the action from tonight’s Ice Racing @ First Arena in Elmira, NY. Same action there Saturday night, so go check it out!

Polar Vortex Fire & Ice

Made a Midnight Run tonight up to Seneca Lake with my buddy A.D. Wheeler to shoot the Northern Lights. Well, so much for the plans of mortal men! Once we got up there we found fully overcast skies just killing any chance at all to see this great celestial feast. So after sitting in the car and polishing off our DD hot chocolates, we walked out to the lake on the Clute Park Breakwater Wall, and we played around a little in the balmy 18 degree January morning glow at 1:00 A.M.  And ya know what? After looking more closely at these shots, maybe just maybe,  perhaps we did manage to capture some of that Aurora Borealis after all?
Kinda Kool, Huh? Had a lot of fun Andy, It was a real pleasure! 🙂


Dealing Wheeling a Jax OT Win! 01/04/14

ELMIRA, NY – January 4, 2014 – The Jackals broke their 7 game losing streak with a thrilling 4-3 overtime win against the Wheeling Nailers. 


“The Diner” Couldn’t Be Finer!

Early this afternoon I had lunch with some family & friends just around the corner from the Studio. Actually, they had lunch & I had a great omelet breakfast at Horseheads’ newest old eatery, now known as “The Diner”.
In a past life,  this was formerly “Sullivan’s Diner” owned & operated by my lifelong friend Artie Sullivan’s Mom & Dad, Fran & Art Sullivan, who rescued it…the old “Vick’s Diner” from Madison Ave. in Downtown Elmira after the great flood of ’72. They lovingly filled many “Horseheadian’s” bellies for well over 30 years.
Recently though, the Diner was given a new life when it was purchased & completely & painstakingly renovated, modernized & updated, while still maintaining that original old time classic diner “feel”. The new owner is my friend & also my in-laws neighbor, Tom Witzel,  who also happens to be a die hard N.Y. Yankees fan. You would never guess that fact after seeing the new color scheme both inside with the new tile & countertops, & outside complete with reverse Yankee Blue Pinstriping on the fabric of the front awnings.
Anyways, the food was great! And even though Tom was filling in for an under the weather waitress, the service was great & friendly as well! Do yourself a favor and stop by sometime…. you’ll be glad you did!
In case anyone was wondering, that’s Sue & George Yamasaki sitting across the booth from me.

Winter Wonderland

I spent Sunday Afternoon with Rebecca & Francis capturing their Engagement shoot up at Taughannock Falls State Park just outside of Ithaca. It was  a Beautiful & Blowy Winter Afternoon, following our first major snowfall of the season. Great timing kids! Oh yeah,,,, I almost forgot to mention, that little Riley also had a fun time romping in the fresh fallen snow!

Crystal Gale & Lee Greenwood @ First Arena 12/07/13


An Afternoon With Alex

Spent Saturday afternoon with Alex, and we had a blast working together creating his Senior Portrait Shoot. We had a nice winter weather afternoon in a great setting….I mean how can you go wrong when your parents own and operate a Winery & Vineyard that we could use as our location? So tell me….how did we do? Great Job Alex, It was a pleasure shooting you!

What Was Once Old, Is New Again

My last Wedding of 2013 is tomorrow, I just got back from Rehearsal & Dinner at the Spectacular,  Completely Renovated and Restored Cowles Hall of Elmira College, where the Wedding will be held. The Chapel is absolutely Breathtaking! Nested at the center of the huge structure, my Groom’s Dad is the Director of Facilities at the College, so I got a VIP tour of the entire place, and it is just beyond description. These windows, of Mark Twain & Olivia Langdon, are but two of a couple dozen or so that grace the inside of the Chapel, complete with a hi-tech, digital back-lighting system behind them so that it always looks like its a bright sunny day outside, on all sides of the room. Word is that the windows alone are valued at well over 2 million dollars. Wow!


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