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Overtime Heart Stopper!!!!

“The game needed a hero and found it in the form of Jacob MacDonald who muscled out of the corner and powered across the crease with a forehand tuck-in past Stevens for the overtime game-winning goal with 45 seconds left in the extra session.”

One reality of shooting action sports, that I learned long ago, is the agony of having an official or another players screen you out from getting that KILLER shot! That almost happened tonight on this GAMEWINNER….I saw the play coming right at me…..I was all set to get that SCORING moment, and then the damn Ref skates right into the frame! Oh well, I still got most of the shot as you can see that puck hit the back of the net and then float there for a while, while “Mac” did his Victory Pump right at me!

Tonight was the most exciting win of this Jackals Season by far! A GREAT NIGHT!

Genius of Youth

During tonight’s Jackals Game, I spotted these two little guys sitting a few rows above my shooting perch… they were totally absorbed in something….I just thought it was kinda cool!
What Hockey Game??? & In the last one, I can almost read his mind! “WTF?”

RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 4)


RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 3)


GOAL!!!!!!! #40 Darcy Murphy … Welcome to Elmira!


RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 2)

Back to Elmira Jackals Hockey Tonight…Hoping to keep the 6 Game Winning Streak Going!
But before I head out to First Arena, I thought I’d add Part 2 of my NHL Experience this past Tuesday Evening, with much more to come!

RANGERS @ SABRES 03/08/16 (part 1)

GREAT Game & Fine Shooting on Tuesday Night, the RANGERS came out on top 4-2 in the end. Ran into countless Elmira folks who also shuffled on up to Buffalo. It was a beautiful drive…73 degrees in places along the way! A bit different from last years slog when it was around Zero going up, then -18 coming back! No Climate Change here folks!
Anyway…I’m working my way through the First Period now, of nearly 2000 shots, so here’s just a tease till I get through all of them and post some full Blog Galleries! Hope you enjoy looking, as much as I did capturing. And make sure you click on each image, as they pop open pretty big!!!! God I Love What I do! PS: as usual, Thanks Jared for hooking me up!
I posted this on Facebook from the game, but I had the pleasure to meet and have dinner with the Buffalo Sabres Team Photographer Bill Wippert. Here I thought I’ve been shooting for the Jackals a long time now in season #16, but that’s NOTHING! We’re the same age, and Bill’s been shooting for the Sabres for FORTY ONE FRIGGING YEARS!!! Unbelievable!

Purple Frenzy!!!

The other day I saw some Facebook Friends & past Wedding Couple, post some shots of a new painting scheme that they have underway, and the bold butterscotch color they were applying. Yeah, it was a little brighter than most people would use, but then…..why have Zillions of colors of Paint if no one uses them? With that being said, before Wedding Season hits this spring, I had some spare time and just finished repainting my Equipment/Gear Storage & Framing Room….which remained in the Bright Pink color scheme of my previous Studio Partner Maria Strinni, even after she moved out of the area. Just didn’t have the time or desire to change it all up again. Well, times have changed….and this room is MINE Now! So what do you think? Purple Frenzy with Lime Burst! Bright Enough for you?? Even Purple Filing Cabinets!!!!

Puck It!


“Summer of ’41”

On this February evening, with temperatures already plunging well below zero, let’s imagine a hot & humid August 2, 1941 afternoon a long, long time ago. It’s that lazy & carefree time, just months before the U.S. entered W.W.II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. We’re just across the busy main line of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad at Eldridge Park in Elmira, NY, on a Sunny Saturday afternoon enjoying our Annual Outing as an employee of the Elmira Knitting Mills, who’s former building was just burned to the ground in a massive, multiple alarm warehouse fire on January 31, 2016.
Here is my Photographic Composite & Photoshop rendering of the Official Outing Photograph, shot 75 years ago, by Personius Studio of Elmira, and the Photoshop re-rendering by me. The print is so wide that in order to capture all of the original detail I had to shoot it in 7 different sections, which I then had to seamlessly paste & blend together.

Take a close look at all of these ghostly faces. The Big Boss in his woolen three piece suit complete with pocket watch & chain, with all of his underling “Yes-Men” sitting close-by. Then, the ladies, with their bobby socks & saddle shoes, and those ’40’s dresses & hair styles (just like my mom wore!) Then there are the young men captured here. How many of these young boys would soon be fighting in Europe or the South Pacific?  If any of these people are still alive, even the young children seen in this picture, they would be at least 80-85 years old today. And then look deeper into the park background…..after spending nearly every single Sunday afternoon at the park myself as a young boy growing up in the ’60’s I still vaguely remember those outing buildings, and that yellow, cinder block restroom building up on a hill, poised above the rest of the parks amusements.  Then there are all of those long gone, mighty trees that covered this area of the park with a dark, cool blanket of shade on these brilliant afternoons. I can almost smell the steamed clams, hot dogs, and beers in the air!
Let me know if you recognize or know any of the faces seen here….I’d love to know! I already had a childhood friend identify his Mom as one of the ladies sewing in one of my earlier images of activity at the mill.
*Make certain that you click on the picture a couple of times to pop it open to full size, and then use the slider at the bottom of the page to view the entire length of this massive print! It’s over 72 INCHES LONG!!!


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