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Leave It To Beaver!

While walking Seneca over the past half year we often stroll the grounds of the Horseheads Fire Department, out in the back lot near the remains of the old Chemung Canal. During the Summer I noticed this one huge old tree by the Canal, and that all the bark at its base was being scraped or scratched off all the way around. I hadn’t paid much attention to it since……that is until yesterday! Man Oh Man…. have Bucky Beaver & His Buddies Been Busy over the Holidays!!! I am absolutely amazed at how much of the base of this tree has been chewed down, to the point soon where this massive tree is going to fall down, either into the Canal, or possibly onto the Fire Department Storage Barn that is located very close to this tree. And what’s really cool is that these chips that cover the ground are HUGE, nothing like sawdust, but more so the size of large potato chips! On the Close Up, you can actually see the imprint of the Little Beaver Teeth….Pretty Amazing!


“Austin Moody” Blues….

I was hired by the up and coming musical artist, Austin Moody to shoot his warm up act performance at First Arena on Friday Night. Very, Very nice young man who reminded me of a Young Elvis, especially with his Southern Tennessee Drawl. This Elmira gig was one of the first big time shows that he has opened for and he was pretty pumped and wanted to get some nice live shots of this major stepping stone in his bright career. Well Austin…..Mission Accomplished my friend!!!!
Louis Q, Let me know what you think!!! Shooting Shows is a Royal Challenge as you know…. as the lighting is always changing, and varies from place to place as the artists move around……and this shoot in particular didn’t have a lot of front spotlighting on the performers, so it was extra tough getting well lit faces, but despite that, I’m Psyched at the results.






















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