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“Run of the Mill”

Last week I shot the images of the Elmira Knitting Mill as unforgiving fire roared through it’s long dormant shell.
Tonight, I shot these images of the very same location for the Heights Historical Society. Lets go back to the early 1940’s, while World War II was roaring, The Knitting Mill was humming with activity. How cool would it be, to go back in time and be able to walk though this place during it’s prime.

Employment Application

Employment Application

Sewing Department - Pants & Polo Shirts

Sewing Department – Pants & Polo Shirts

Cloth Finishing Department

Cloth Finishing Department

Sewing Department - Infants Wear

Sewing Department – Infants Wear

Spring Needle Knitting Department

Spring Needle Knitting Department

Latch Needle Knitting Department

Latch Needle Knitting Department

Order Filling Department

Order Filling Department

The Shipping Department

The Shipping Department

The Big One! Elmira Knitting Mills Warehouse Fire – 01/31/16

Had to laugh….I was called in by my Buddy Horseheads FD Chief Artie Sullivan…so I dusted it off & grabbed my trusty old T&C Helmet with my nickname, the trademark BATMAN logo on it. When I got to the scene Artie and Heights Chief Mike Cadek gave me the OK to shoot away among the Fire Troops inside the FD crowd ropes…..while doing so a Heights PD Officer came up, thought I was just an ordinary civilian and was going to move me back….
I explained to him that I had permission to shoot there…..
He asked “Who are you?”
End of story…… lots of great stuff, and lucky for all of us….it was 54 degrees out this January 31st! Felt like a Spring Drill.


Good Ole’ Bill Shaw, the gentleman in the Yellow Fire Police Jacket & who has been in the Heights FD since he was 9 years old kept saying all night long…”I’ve been waiting Seventy One Years For This S.O.B. to Burn Down!” Well there you go Bill!!!


Jumping for Joy!

You don’t see this very often…but when you do you NEVER see a guy jumping quite this high to screen out the other teams Goalie while at the same time trying to make a path for the puck to possibly squeak through if you’re lucky! ALSO, seeing that I’m posting something tonight….how ’bout a few COOL SNOWMAN shots!!! Remember….ICE IS NICE!
And finally……the Pre-Game Goalie Ritual just before hitting the ice, in Classic, old school B & W.

“Junior Jackals……Someday”

On Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Elmira Jackals early afternoon matinee game against Brampton, the Jackals Organization went out of their way to help Fan the Flames of Ambition and Aspiration in the Bodies, Hearts, Minds & Souls of these budding little, hopefully someday, NHL Super Stars! Great Job Boys!!!!


The Snowman!

There wasn’t a lot for Elmira fans to get excited about at Sunday’s Jackals game, but here’s a “COOL” shot from the Jackals Debut of Goaltender Alex Vazzano. Hey….isn’t there a Bridge in NYC named after this guy??

Puck Jugglin’!

Even though the boys came up short tonight with a 4-0 loss, I came away with one of my best “series” shots so far this season!
So what’s cool when I’m in my “Shooting Zone” is that sometimes I even amaze myself! Most times as a shooter you just know when you capture something really great. But tonight was just one of those times when I was pleasantly surprised once I got back to the Studio & fired up Lightroom and started editing tonight’s game shoot!
When shooting hockey, things always happen so fast, and sometimes there are so many bodies flying around all over that I’m not really certain of what I’m getting, but I just have the feeling in my viewfinder that it all just looks right, and this could be good! So when I got to these I was really surprised because I don’t even remember much of this great save sequence at all…seeing the puck being tossed around, and I don’t remember having such a great, clear shot at all the action….the floating puck, the Goalies Mask, all the sticks, and everything in clear view not getting blocked out by legs, sticks, or bodies, or Ref’s & Linesmen skating by right in front of me between my camera and the action. Sometimes you just get lucky…and this series was one of those times!!!! Made the whole crappy 4- zip loss night worthwhile!

Mr. Shutout!

Lundstrom Earns First Pro Shutout as Jackals Blank Admirals, 4-0
ELMIRA, NY – December 12, 2015 – Niklas Lundstrom stopped all 46 shots he faced as the Jackals blanked the Norfolk Admirals 4-0 tonight at First Arena. Mike Seidel, Mark Bennett, Justin Kea and Kevin Clare each scored as the Jackals extended their winning streak to five games.


“Luke, Feel The Force” It’s Landing Right Against Your Chin!

A few choice shots from the Heavyweight Bout during the Third Period of tonight’s Elmira Jackals Game. #19 Garrett Klotz won his Fisticuffs vs. #47 Danick Paquette, and the Jackals also prevailed with a tightly contested and very well played Shoot-Out Victory, on Night ONE of this STAR WARS weekend!!
Photographers Note: I thought it was hilarious……pictures 6 & 7….Paquette is getting the shit beat out of him, and all the while he’s smiling and laughing at the guys on his bench who were cheering him on! Hockey Players!! Ya Gotta Love’ Em!

Jackals Soar & “Klip” K-Wings 3-1, take rubber game of series

Jackals Forward Justin Bernhardt takes to the air in pursuit of the puck during the third period of tonight’s exciting game vs. Kalamazoo at First Arena. Elmira was a 3-1 victor and win the 3 game weekend series 2 games to 1.


11/14/15 Honor Vets Flight – Washington D.C.


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