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Annie & Jill

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For my buddy Tony….R.I.P. Katie

Joe Willie visit’s “The Blue Barn”


“The Blue Barn” studio shoot with Wilson-Wilson & my Chloe.

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I still have this same set in place here at the 211 Studios. If you love the look of these, and ever wanted to get some Beautiful Pet Portraits shot of your Best Little Buddies, NOW is the time! Message me on Facebook or drop me an e-mail to set up a time slot to create something beautiful & find out about the Pet Portrait Special I’m currently running for the next week.

Frogs on the Wall

I was out watering the pompous grass in front of the Office Sunday afternoon & I thought I saw something weird. Upon further inspection I saw that I had a little toad attached about four feet off the ground, to the cinder block wall of the 211 Studio. Must be he just wanted to “hang out” in the shade with all the Pink Flamingos!!!! I never even disturbed his nap!

RB1_7468ADJ  …..& some totally useless information from my buddy Donny Blide,  renowned Frog Expert!
Nice pic. It’s not a toad like u described in the blog. It’s a green or gray tree frog. Can’t remember which. They have suction cups on their toes and can walk up a glass window. I guarantee, even though you may have never seen one, you have heard them. I’ll send u a link when I get home. I fine like one or two per summer….I kept one for a summer. They are amazing for the fact that they can be frozen solid for days on end with no I’ll effect!”


The “Lambs” were Screaming…..

Upon arriving at the Studio today, I was greeted by this beauty laying at my front door. Must be it couldn’t handle THE SNOW? I’m expecting a knock at my door any moment to find Jamie Gumb, looking for one of his “babies”…..”“it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”. …..

My Best Little Buddy

On tonight’s walk through the swamp across the street, I noticed that our favorite bush was really blooming, so out came the Nikon for a few quick shots of my little girl Chloe, who will be 13 in October.

Karen’s Little “Buddy”

My friend Karen’s little Buddy! Shot at the 211 Studio this afternoon, while they were back home in Horseheads on vacation from Scottsdale, AZ.







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